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daily thread

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It is a beautiful Thursday morning - the sun has just crept over the mountains here in Eastern NYS and a glorious vision of red bursts are streaming in my windows. Goldie has just come for her breakfast of canned food & kibble and porkchop, leftover from supper. YUMMY!

I am leaving in a few minutes to go with my 'crazy cat friend' to take 4 rescues for spaying and shots.

After that nice outing, it is back home to work on more 'spring cleaning'. You know, the leftovers I didn't finish from my April vacaion week!:tounge2: :tounge2:

I hope that everyone has a great day and enjoys at leeast one good laugh, no matter our troubles.
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Deb, you rock! What a positive attitude you start the day with!

Ok, while most of you are starting your days, or still dreaming, I have just come in the door from work, ahhh the life of a bartender!

Normally I would be in bed by now (4 a.m) but tonight we had a big scare and I am still a bit worked up. I'll post on it after sleeping, but we had the SWAT team,, bomb squad, the streets were barricaded, and news teams froam at least 5 ststions...and no one would tell us why for almost 5 hours....all is well now...but it was very scary. No terrorism though everyone, just crazy domestic stuff.

Anyway, off to bed for me...everyone have a great day, and don't forget to kiss your cats!
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It's the afternoon now and I've had a very nice day until I talked with my in-laws and heard about someone who's threatening to hurt our dog! I put a whole vent thread about it so I won't repeat myself here. Especially as I told myself I need to do some other posts to calm myself down

I woke up late this morning. Yesterday was so tiring! Hubby took the day off and we went to all sorts of places. We visited the new shelter of the Israeli Cat Society - what a beautiful place! It's definitely the best animal shelter in Israel and it's run under the best standards possible (it's a no-kill shelter). They also have a new lecture room and the manager asked me if I could come and lecture about cat-related topics from time to time. It would be volunteering of course and I told her I'd be happy to. So now I need to prepare topics for my lectures and presentations I also talked to her about the possibility of me becoming a cat counsellor of sorts. There are no cat behaviorists in Israel and she told me that people often ask them for referrals and there's no one they can refer to. So, I am toying with the idea of offering cat counselling services. She said she'd be happy to refer people to me and if I do lectures and stuff it could also get me more clients. I am really excited about the idea but a but apprehensive too. Still thinking about it
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Good morning, everyone!!

All the kitties have been tended to for the morning and everyone is happy.

We haven't closed up our pool yet for the winter so in a minute it's off to give it a final vacuum and dump chemicals to circulate then tonight we cover it. How sad! That's when the reality of colder weather on the way really sinks in.

Then it's off to work for a few hours. I'm subbing in the libary today. That's always fun!

Have a great day!!
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