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A solemn moment

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An enormous Russian freight plan just left our local airport carrying aid for the areas affected by the Tsunamis in Asia. The plane is big enough that two 747s would fit inside it and it's full of targetted aid and will be calling at particular places. We were watching Sky News and it brought the picture of the plane on the taxi way. Then 5 minutes or so later it was over our house above the clouds. We stood outside waving it on its way - sending our thoughts with it for those who have been affected.
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I know - it puts all our problems into perspective. I am so thankful my daughter is not there - it was a toss up whether she and her boyfriend went to the Maldives or to Cuba for Christmas and new year. I was in favour of the Maldives but fate guided them to Cuba.
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I heard on the radio this morning that the death toll is upwards of 60,000+ today. Such a tragedy. Yes, it really does put life into perspective.
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