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How far will your cats go.....

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... the get their favorite treat? Do they do tricks? Act adorable? Or do they just take it from you?

Meishka trys to be sneaky. She'll occasionally act cute or pretend she is starving. The best that she's done so far was when the hub had her on his shoulders and he started eating a sandwich. The cat saw a little sliver of turkey hanging out and was quick enough to get it in her mouth... well she jumped down and connected to that little sliver was the rest of the slice of meat!!!! Jackpot!!! She took off through the house and hid under the bed with her 'kill'. I still laugh about it.
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Too funny! Mine aren't quite as inventive as that - honestly, when they want food or a treat, they just pester me (meowing, getting underfoot, etc.) until I give in!
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My Scarlett has the ultimate perfect treat trick: She loves Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers. I know, not the best for you but my husband thought if he taught her that she can only take them out of your lips, then she can have them - you put the tail end in between your lips and she comes up to you, gives you a little kiss on the lips, grabs them and runs off to eat them.

Guess what? She now ONLY takes treats if you have them hanging out of your mouth. I tried to simply hand one to her the other day and she ignored it until it went between my lips. She has us trained!

Before we taught her this, we used to make her "dance" for her nightly meat (canned food) treat. We've also taught this to Muddy and Koko. Here she is doing the Scarlett dance:

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Wow smart cats! Beth, Meishka sure is sneaky! I think maybe I'm being too lax on Baylee... I should start making her work for her treats now!
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Jamie just takes the direct approach: jump up on the counter and yowl till you get your treat.
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Oh my gosh! Beth I was LOL when I read about Meishka's "kill". And Amy, how precious is Scarlett to give kisses for treats!

Trent doesn't really like treats of any kind. He's just not a food motivated kitty.

Ophelia on the other hand just DEMANDS treats. We do treats at night in bed. She asks every night. We are working on "asking nice". I won't give her treats until she does a nice little "brrrr" instead of the pissy-pants "MROW!" She's getting better.

P.S. I'll also move this to Behavior.
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once when i was eating prawns i threw one to maverick to get her to leave my dinner alone. now when ever she wants a treat i have to throw it to her and she wrestles it to the floor! she wont eat treats from my hand, she has to hunt them first!
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Miko would always open the treat bag. So much so, I had to put them in an airtight container. Now he'll just sit right in front of me and STARE at me until I give him the treat. Freaks me out a little...

Kionu does flips, rolls over or does the catepillar (pushing himself along the wall with just his back paws). If none of those methods work, he will whine like a baby until he gets a treat.
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With Jasper, you get a face in whatever he wants a taste of.
When eating cat treats, you get toenails in the thigh if you stop giving them before he is satisfied.
And if I'm eating at the computer, he jumps up and starts knocking things off the rest of the desk until you yell at him or put a taste on the floor.
One of mom's favorites would stick his nose between the food (shrimp) and mom's open mouth.
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well my kitty has decided to learn how to open the cupboard from the top of the waldrobe but hadnt figure out how to get in there to eat everything
He will sit on top of his litterbox as soon as i open those doors and he will grab onto my hand to tell me that ihad waited too lon in the day to give him any!

In the kitchen there are milk drops for the rabbit to eat. but my vet told us its not good for our bunny as she has different teeth so each time im in the kitchen he has two choices. Stand next to where the milk drops are or try to open the fridge To get a slice of ham!
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