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Phone Question

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Does anyone know what message you get when someone blocks your phone call??

My work out parnter was miffed at me because.... okay let me restart.

I was ready to go yesterday so I called to let her know and she wasn't out of bed yet. So she was going to call when she was ready to go. An hour later she calls and tells me that her husband is sick and he asked her to stay home to take care of her. OKay so we were going to go later. I asked her to call me by noon and I wanted to go before 3 so I could be home to make dinner. Soooo... she calls at 2:30... saying she wants to go at 5. I told her I wasn't going to go and she was like 'whatever'. Anyway... I called her at 8 last night to make sure we were going this morning. I was to call her for 730am. So I did... and I get a message that her phone is temporarily disconnected.

I hope I'm reading into this way too much.

So any one know what message I'd get?
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I would say that her phone really HAS been temporarily disconnected. Did you try it again, just to make sure you didn't dial it incorrectly? If you get a Disconnected Recording, it means the phone was disconnected. I believe when you are blocked from someone's number, you get a recording that states that your number has been blocked. You wouldn't get a disconnect recording.
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Thanks Hope. I didn't want to jump to conclusions but with what has been going on recently... lol...

I have tried her number 4 times. Guess I'm not going to be waking her up this morning.
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