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Heavy rainstorms here in Southern California

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We are having severe rainstroms here in Southern California. It was raining so hard tonight, that I couldn't go to work. The water was so deep in back parking lot of my apartment complex that I couldn't get my car out. Well, I couldn't really get to the car, because the water was half way up to my knee. I don't even know if I could have driven the car, even if I could get to it. It has been pouring down rain and we've been having thunderstorms, which is really rare in Los Angeles. I think part of the flooding problem is because they don't have the drains cleared enough.
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Wow, scary stuff! Stay safe! (And send a little of that rain my way to melt the snow! ).
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It's still pouring. It stops pouring for a few a little while, then it starts back up again. We even had a few min tornados. I'm thinking this might be an El Nino year.
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6 year old tree was up rooted from our front yard....
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You make sure you all stay safe over there. I hope the weather calms down soon and doesn't cause you any problems.
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Wow, the last time I remember such heavy rains is back in the 60's. Stay safe, and stay inside
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It's been nasty, no doubt. And there are flash flood warnings, tornado warnings, and severe weather warnings.

One of the reasons we've got such bad flooding is because we've had some heavy storms in the last two months, and thus the ground is saturated. Add to that some rain on Monday, as the beginning bands came through, and by the time the "real" rains came yesterday and last night, there was nowhere for it to go.

I work in a building near the LA river. It is usually dry, or a very small trickle in the bed. It's about 75 feet wide, and about 30 feet deep. Yesterday, before the severe weather showed up (tornados, thunderstorms, et cetera), it was running about 10 feet under the top, or about 20 feet deep. It was estimated that it was running about 60 mph, and the current was significant (the debris indicates where the current runs). I haven't seen it this morning, but I'll post later and let you know.

I checked the rain total, and it was over 7 1/2 inches since about 5 pm last night. Several tornados have touched down, and there is massive flooding all over. Major thunder storms (like I've seen in the Midwest), which are incredibly rare here. Highways have intermittant closures from San Luis Obispo county down to San Diego (about 1/2 the state), and there have been trees down, thousands of car accidents, and power outages. Quite a few fast water rescues, and we are expecting mudslides in the local burn areas.

It's really really nasty. And supposedly, this storm's twin is sitting offshore, coming our way tomorrow. Maybe I should actually buy an umbrella.

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There is a chance that the Rose Bowl Parade will get rained on, as well. I sure hope the off shore storm is NOT as bad as the one we had yesterday and last night.
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I sure hope the off shore storm is NOT as bad as the one we had yesterday and last night.
Me too. I am not sure it is, but with the ground as saturated as it is, we really can't take much more at all. Even a little bit will be a problem.

And if it rains on the Rose Bowl Parade, that will be the first time in many years (25?) that it's rained on the Parade. I'll watch it anyway, like always, from my sofa.

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Gosh guys, seems to me I would put in for my vacation and get out of the area for a few days. Better safe than sorry I say
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I just came back from vacation...and I am the person in my office, as both the boss and office manager are off through next it's me, I guess. And I've got a cold and a return of that nasty ear infection, too. So I'll sit in my office, snuffle and sneeze my way through the day, and watch the river crest. LOL....

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Originally Posted by noni
...And if it rains on the Rose Bowl Parade, that will be the first time in many years (25?) that it's rained on the Parade...
The last time it rained on the Rose Parade? 1955. I can't find the article I was reading last night that stated this. If I find the link, I'll post it.
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Hope the rain clears up!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Hope the rain clears up!
Well, it's clear for the moment, and likely will remain so for a day. IIRC, tomorrow another storm comes in (in the evening), but they're saying it'll hit farther north. I hope so....I walked to my car over my office building's manicured lawn, and water filled my footsteps. It is utterly saturated right now.

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Wow hope the weather clears up soon for you all stay safe
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I kid you not...I just heard a news report that stated Old Man Mountain (a mountain here locally) got 13.34 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.

That's serious rainfall.

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Now wait a dogone minute here! The song says it NEVER rains in Southern California!

I remember when my late Mom and I lived in Marin County. WE had a ditch beteen our and our neighbors home that was to let the rain from the hill in back us, run off and into the drain, BUT I always let my mares out in the back to graze and they would say Hello to the horses next door and by doing so trample down the ditch banks. SOOOOOO this one year the rains came - very heavy as it was El Nino' - and the ditch filled with water AND overflowed. It ran out our back gate down the street and into a swimming pool down the street on the oppisite side of our home.

WAS that homeowner ANGRY - almost sued my Mom but then her lawyer said it was an "act of nature" and she back ed off! <evil grin!> From that time on she always bought sandbags and I always stacked them on the bank to prevent any more overflows!
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Glad to her our So California members are doing okay. Our area got about 8 inches about 10 years ago and I saw water in places I never saw before.
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Yeah, we got flooded. Our laundry room had 2 inches of water in it. Fortunately we can get it fixed since we just bought the house.
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Oh and it appears we got out of our apartment just in time. DH went over there to use their dumpsters and he said trees we downed all over there on cars and through roofs.
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Thank goodness for that Ericka!

Well there is heavy rain here too! It's supposed to be summer! *kicks and stomps*
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