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kittie tricks...:)

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i was wondering if anyone else teaches there kitties tricks? and if you do what are they and was it easy to teach them? we have taught our kitties to sit, wave,and we have taught them to stand in a prairie dog position lol, also i have taught ozzy to run and jump up on me when i call him. i am looking for somemore tricks that i could teach them...
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Wow, impressive! I only taught my cats to come when called.
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Wow, you sure do have patient kitties! What clever tricks!

Well, I've carefully trained Sierra to be sure to let me know at any time when it is time for me to wake up by sitting below my neck and sweetly taking turns with each hand, one at a time, gently touching my face. I have also trained her to very vocally insist on her Bonito treat when she is ready for it and demand that her litter box be scooped after each use. She has also learned to stand directly in front the computer and to walk across the keyboard, especially when I'm typing something important. Have you trained your kitties yet to sit upon any book you're attempting to read or paper you are writing? That's really a great trick! This one really took some time, but I've trained her to run rapidly under the covers at the first sound that is unfamiliar or if she even suspects (gasp) anyone other than me entering our home. Sierra is a pro at talking nonstop and even shouting from atop the fridge or any other high place she can find if I should dare to ever talk on the phone or in any manner attempt to shift my attention such that she is not at the center of it. She was also receptive to learning to sleep on any article of clothing that she can find, and you wouldn't believe how long it took me to train her prefer black clothing as a bed over any other color!
Thank you so much for sharing your kitties' tricks, I'm so happy to hear I'm not alone in this kitty training!
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OK, so obviously I'm the one being trained in our home! Seriously though, how did you train your kitties to do these really neat tricks?
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Yes, I'd like to know. I started to teach Baylee tricks with a clicker, but eventually I got tired of it... she still knows how to follow the tip of my finger around the room if she knows I have a clicker/treat in my hand. That's about it.
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Well my boys don't have any impressive tricks, but Levi will come whenever I call him Big Boy. Jordan used to fetch, but since Isaac started fetching Jordan sort of gave up. Isaac LOVES to fetch, he's just like a dog you throw it he gets it brings it back & drops it at your feet. However, he also likes to add a little kitty flare & if you throw his ball in the air he will jump grab it with his front paws & put in in his mouth & still land on his feet.
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Fetch!? All that's happened in my house is my Shinobi has taught ME to fetch. How do I teach her this? It would be so nice to have 10 minutes without having to get up and find a cat toy to stop the incessant meowing. I'm going to get her a sister or brother soon if my landlord will let me and I hope that will help. But fetch would be awesome.
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I've never taught my cats any tricks except for 'sit politely for a treat', but here's a neat link, showing a clicker-trained agility cat.
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Originally Posted by Cessena
Fetch!? All that's happened in my house is my Shinobi has taught ME to fetch. How do I teach her this? It would be so nice to have 10 minutes without having to get up and find a cat toy to stop the incessant meowing. I'm going to get her a sister or brother soon if my landlord will let me and I hope that will help. But fetch would be awesome.
Well I wish I knew how I did it. With Jordan it just sort of happend one day. He brought the toy back, so I praised him & told him how smart he was. Of coarse with him I reinforced it with treats after he showed me his natural ability. Isaac, well he just picked it up from his big brother. Now he's better at it & I never had to give him treats. With him that's actually his favorite form of attention.
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lol it was quite easy, we just used positive re-enforcement, treats and praise. we would say sit when they sat and say good boy and give them a treat then we started just saying sit and giving them a treat and then they sat. in other words at first when we see them do the thing we want them to do we say the comand name and give them a treat, then after time they learn that if they sit they get treats.and for the siting prairiedog style, when they are sitting we would hold the treat up in the air and say sit up pretty and let them use paws at first. then we would say no to the paws grabbing the hands to get the treat.then they started sitting up pretting if we say the command and put our hand above them when they are sitting.and i taught ozzy to run up and jump up on me naturally when i called him, i pat my hand on my side or chest to call him so he knows its me calling him lol. and when we first got him he stayed in my room and i would stand at the end of my bed and pat on my chest and call him and he would jump into my arms because he knew he could go out of the room. this trick is still being worked on. but so far i got him running and jumping into my arms if im at the end of the couch or my bed.sorry long message but its alot to explain. also for the pics i just take them when he is tired after playing with stitch. lol
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Well Poe does kind of a trick LOL! I will put a treat in my hand and hold it in the aird and she will stand on her hind legs and pick the treat with her front paws out of my hand. Shes soooo cute lol!
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lol...a friend of johns has a cat that is toilet trained......I dont know how he did it....but the cat literally does his bussiness in the toilet, and get flushes too...........
i dont think i could do that with my cats....i wouldnt want to have to wait for the bathroom.........
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haven't taught him any yet but I might. I dont know if Char has the patience.
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Moka fetches and loves to fly off the bed (much like a flying squirrel) when I throw her toy to be fetched. She also likes to play peek-a-boo and hide-n-seek. I love that she can do these things but I really don't think I trained her. These things just came about naturally somehow. I'm not sure she even realizes she's a cat.

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Russell used to play it's when it suits him. He's just no longer a kitten I guess.

Menchi plays fetch enthusiastically...sometimes waking us up at 3AM to do so.

Esper, well she thinks she's above all games like that.

They all sit and come when called. And they all know it when they've done something wrong. They apologise, it sort of shortens the duration of the lecture...

I'm going to be one of those lecturing mothers...I just know it.
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