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So sweet, its almost sick LOL

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I know this is going to sound so sweet it will be sick...

Our wedding song has been picked and I hate to admit it, but for no reason I am ridiculously happy at what I just did/felt...
I have been listening to the song, its late here but I only got home from work at 11PM and Brandon is sleeping...
I just looked in on him and stared
I saw my life in him, everything I want, everything I ever wanted, and he is right there, right in front of me. What did I do that I deserve this? Why am I so blessed?
I feel so lucky that I have that love, and I know I have it in return.
I would do anything for this man, to have him here with me always, and I am crying knowing that I do... without having to do anything....
So this is love huh?
Hehe Am I crazy? Have you ever just stopped and looked at someone only to realize what they mean?
Brandon, I know you sneak around here so I want to say I love you~

Anyone else ever feel this? If not, I sincerely hope you do~
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awwww Ash I am so pleased that you have found 'the one'

I only want the very best for you & Brandon

I agree its a wonderful feeling
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This is lovely, Ashley! I'm so thrilled you are so incredibly happy and have found the man with whom you want to spend the rest of your life! So, what is your wedding song
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Oh, yes! I fall in love several times a year, with the same wonderful guy I have been with for almost 20 years. He has his moments, just as we all do. but I cannot imagine life without him.
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Oh i love sappiness! I'm so in love with my bf it's ridiculous. We've known each other for about 4 years and have been going out for one now and I swear every time I look at him I'm amazed. The very first time we met 4 years ago I told my friends that even though i didn't know his name I was in love. And now we're together and he worships me as I worship him and it's just wonderful Not quite ready to get married yet but I could definitely see it happening in the future.. we really want to get the house hunting going first and we need to double our current downpayment savings.. but I could see it somewhere down the road. For now though we're just happy being together.
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I'm so happy for you What is the song you picked out?
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Have you ever just stopped and looked at someone only to realize what they mean?
Often and then I generally feel overwhelmed how fortunate I have been, and either feel speechless and/or puddle up

Happy for you!!
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Isn't it a wonderful feeling. We've been together 22 years and it just doesn't feel like it. When we track life events we know it's true - but I couldn't honestly say that it feels like 22 years have gone by. I'm so glad you have found such happiness.

I'm itching to find out what the song is too!!!
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Add me to your happy list. We have our moments, but life would not be worth living without my husband. He has been my knight in shining armor. I would go into the whole sweet story, but this is someone elses happy moment so I'll start another thread!
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Sap is good. Congratulations!
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So happy for you! I have a great boyfriend too. I LOVE being in love!
So............what IS the song???
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I know what you mean, too. I was just sitting here, wondering about the luck my DH and I have. We met and started going out almost 15 years ago, and we still like each other, and spending time together. I realize how lucky we are. I hope you and Brandon are still so happy in another 15, 20, or more.
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I do it about 2 am every night, when I wake up to the oddly endearing earthshattering, dream dismembering shuffle-turn-snort of Jason being beaned in the head by ghibli. I just curl up to him and fall back asleep.Even though he snores, and makes a point of sleeping so his rear is taking up the majority of my portion of the bed.
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Aww how sweet! I wanna know the song too Ash!
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Ashley, that is so wonderful. When I wake up I usually have dark-furred Sasha on one side, and dark-haired Eric on the other. Many, many times I think I'm so lucky. They are both so beautiful to me. Even more so when they don't steal my pillow.
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Oh, yeaaaaaaaaaaah, it's very sweet! I am so happy for you, Ashley, that you have found this person who fills your heart to overflowing. Isn't that just such an awesome feeling? And the longer it goes on the better it gets.
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i know the feeling its so great

When is the date!!
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There are times when I watch DH sleeping that the loves surges through my heart. It happens more often with the baby, but it's great when it happens.
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I know exactly how you feel, Ashley! Very often I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have the man I will soon be marrying in my life. He is my rock, my love, my best friend...This is my absolute favorite time of year, and I always feel more romantic around this time, but yes, I very often will see him sleeping, or doing something on the computer, or watching TV, and my heart will just swell with happiness and love. It is the most intoxicating feeling, and it is so wonderful! I am so happy for you and all the others that are fortunate enough to feel this way.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I wanna know the song too Ash!
oh oh oh she told me the song and even emailed me the mp3 and lyrics - but do you think for the life of me I can remember what it is or still have the email?

its a male and its a country song - thats all I can remember
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Gosh I am so sorry! LOL I seriously thought that I had posted what the song is

Its To Make You Feel My Love ~ Garth Brooks

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Won't that be lovely, Ashley!
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Oh I know the artist but not the song - I'm sure it will be lovely too!
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