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Back from Vacation

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Hello All,

Whoo, what a trip. I don't want to think about being in the car for the next few days!! We really did have a good time seeing all the different places though. We got to drive through New York, New Jersey,Delaware,Maryland,DC,Virginia,North and South Carolina,Georgia and then Florida. Some of these places were so LONG and boring, but the experience was fun. I have to say, out of all the states the drivers in Maryland were the pitts!! We all had a great time in Fl at the cat show and all of the cats did really well. We even got a chance to see Universal Studios in Orlando. We stayed in South Carolina both there and back. The place was called South of the Border and LOL..it looked like a mini Las Vegas. I thought I would share a few pics with you guys.
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Rene, Kylee and I
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Just for you AP
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These were on all the overpasses everywhere especially in Maryland and DC
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I can't believe how close you were!

I wish you would have had time to stop and say hi

glad you're all back home safe and sound and I look forward to hearing all about it.
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And don't I feel like the perfect ass for not calling.

Things were so hairy last weekend, I barely got a free minute. Sorry I missed you guys and the show.
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LOL guys, I was going to call you. Deb I didnt have your phone # and AP I had your home # but not your work # and my timing was all off. I would have stopped to visit at least for lunch!!!!
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I almost forgot a picture at the cat show. Of course this one is Rhiann being judged.
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Welcome home!!!

So glad you guys had such a nice trip, and that the kids did well!
Too bad you couldn't hook up with AP and Deb though, I bet you'd have a great time!

Glad to have you back, got any more pics?
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Welcome back! Sounds like you did some serious travelling How did the cats handle the long drive? Mine go nuts as soon as they're in the car and howl all the way to the vet (a 5 minutes drive). I can't imagine driving for days with them

So glad to have you back! We missed you!
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Welcome home everyone!

I'm glad to see you had a safe trip down and back. You must give me all the details! I wish I could've gone with you.


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