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animal abuse/rescue in CT

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12 Turkish Angoras living in a pickup truck for 18 months while the animal control officer tried to find them - everytime they were close, the truck would take off minutes before they got there. Finally the cats were confiscated. I have four of them with my organization that need to be placed. I have pictures on my website of where they lived and what they look like now. Please visit http://www.listnow.com/helpingpaws and go to view listings, C001.002 and 003. This is the kind of thing we do at Helping Paws and it breaks our hearts.
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I don't live in the area, but I do hope you'll find good homes for them soon. Will the person that kept them in the truck be prosecuted? Do you know what they were doing with them? "backtruck breeding" and selling along the way or what?
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You know that I will do all I can to make the public aware of this situation.
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The people have been prosecuted and the courts awarded the cats to the Town of East Lyme. That is the only reason we have the cats to place. The woman was breeding only because none were spayed or neutered but would not sell any of them. Most of the females did not come into heat because of the stressful situation they were living in. The woman is being made to pay monthly payments to reimburse the town for half of what they spent. The punishment did not nearly fit the crime. These cats previously lived in an apartment with no litter for three years - they tore down the apartment when she was finally evicted because the floor and walls were saturated with urine and feces. This in not uncommon - we see this all the time and too much.
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Poor cats! I hope they find good homes soon!
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With Rene helping out, you can be SURE they will find good, loving homes.
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