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Vet Minivent

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How much stock do you put into your vet's decisions? I understand that vets are human and make mistakes but I tend to believe them when they say he doesn't have something.

Just wondering. I live near a military installation where I have to take Char to get seen. Last time I took him for his first shots and I asked her to check out his ears because I thought he had ear mites. She looks at them and cleans them out and says he doesn't. I take him back today and another vet looks at him and says yes he does. I saw the nasty things under the microscope myself. Why wouldn't someone check it under the microscope the first time to rule out any possibility? I don't know but if I was a vet I would have done what was necessary to rule out anything. Maybe I expect too much.
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Oh, I'll vent right along with you when it comes to negative experiences with Vets here lately! As a nurse, I have found, as many others have also, Drs. are normal human beings who just happen to have a pretty degree hanging on their wall! Also, any good Dr. will be the first to tell you, they make mistakes just like you and I. We do trust our Vets, quite litterally, with the most precious loves of our lives. We trust when they say something is a certain way, then it is so. It hurts to learn, after we have trusted them, that they were incorrect. I find it it not only causes me to lose a bit of faith in this professional, but also a bit of faith in myself for having allowed myself to trust the person.
I have found now, that I must trust my own intuition. If I have even the least bit of doubt that the Vet's opinion is accurate, I get a second opinion. This was the case with Sierra's labs back in June. The Vet who did the labs said they were ok. Noticing the abnormalities myself, though, I sent them to another Vet who was extremely concerned and immediately referred us to Sierra's Specialist.
I feel a truely wonderful Vet is one who, upon seeing their error, will immediately admit having been at fault and use this as a learning experience.
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May I vent also... I'm sorry to both of you for having bad vet expierence. I can tell ear mites just because my ferret, and my kitten both had them. I always go to the vet if I see earmites to have them tell me if it is or not, and give me the medicine. I'm glad it was earmites, and not something that could be fatal.

I am glad you trusted your gut with Sierra. Only a true mama would know her baby, and do what she can to give all she can give.

When I took Myth to the vet... She was about 7 maybe 8 months old, and was getting fixed. I called SpayUsa, and they sent me the cirtificate. I called around the different vets listed, figured I'd find the "best..." one. I picked one that kept the girls overnight, with staff. They offered good post op care.. blah blah blah.

Well, I took her in, and the vet was wonderful, until he asked me how I would be paying. I gave him the certificate, and his face soured. He got short with me, and told me I could pick her up when I got off work that day... Um... overnight stay??? Not with the certificate...

So I stopped in to pick her up that night, another vet who worked at the clinic said I couldn't take her home because she just had surgery. Okay... confused. The guy I talked to the first time was the OWNER of the clinic, it was named after him. This guy was just another vet practicing there I guess. I told him what the owner guy told me, and he looked confused. Even after I told him I had the certificate. He told me that usually didn't matter. HMPH

I got my Myth, took her home, worried, was scared, it was horrible, but everything worked out great. After that everytime I went in there after that I had a different vet, the owner wouldn't see Myth. He also told me she was a calico... UGH. My vet now said she was a white cat with grey tabby markings... well, grey tabby spots... something like that. I think that vet was taking some of his patients meds or something... LOL I wish I wouldn't have chosed the "Best" of the vets. There was even a vet that would come and get her at my house, take her to the clinic, do the operation, then bring her home when she was ready.

An ideal vet would admit mistakes and learn from them. I had a vet who fixed my male rat. he told me it would be an experiment, since he'd never done a rat before. I was shocked, an experiment? Then he said since it was going to be experimental, he'd do it at no cost!! I got my boy fixed, and still had money for my teenage highschool interests. LOL It was a success, and my rats could all live together. He was recovering from his surgery just a week before his 7 babies were born I was too slow cleaning his cage ONE time... Only one of the two females I had had babies.
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When I was 10 years old, my brother (who was 5 at the time) accidently gave our dog a hotdog that was left in the fridge too long. She ended up getting food poisoning. My dad immediately drove her to the vet, and he said "we don't do emergencies". For the love of catnip, what kind of vet doesn't accept emergencies? My dad was SO furious, I could hear him yelling from the truck. We drove down the street to another vet, and he immediately took our dog in. His staff tried to treat her for the poisoning, but it was too late. She died several hours later. A few years after her passing, we got Miko and of course we went to the vet that (*gasp*) accepts emergencies. So far, we've had no bad experiences *knocks on wood*, and Miko LOVES to see Dr. Beth and Dr. Aaron. They have a great staff and treat the animals like royalty.
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Originally Posted by MyRage
He also told me she was a calico... UGH.
What's wrong with a calico?
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Originally Posted by yayi
What's wrong with a calico?
Tia didn't say that to mean something is wrong with a calico, in fact, she would be the first to tell you how beautiful they are! Her point in saying that about the Vet. telling her Myth is a calico is that Myth is not a calico, the vet was incorrect in what he said!
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Thank you Stephanie!
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