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Flowerbelle the angel?

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OK. So she looks like an angel - but often acts like the devil! I honestly don't remember if I've posted some of these pics before, but I'm putting them up because I don't think I have. If I had, they'd been deleted a long time ago to make space -before TCS switched servers.

She really is a cutie! And though she's turned out to be our moodiest cat, when she's sweet, she's really sweet. And she's even becoming another lap kitty! She still purrs frequently - that's how we can tell she's not in a good mood, lol!

...and though she was skeptical and I think a little jealous of Ming Loy at first, they've turned into great pals. Flowerbelle, we think, we always be a "kitten" at heart, and thankfully she's decided that having another kitten (with as much energy as she has) to romp around (now that there's room to romp!) is a good thing. *Phew*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now... this I KNOW I've posted, but it's still so shocking... And this pic is after at least several weeks at the vet, being tube fed, stitched up, treated for the parasites, infections and illnesses she had after being found in a liquor store parking lot.

This is a good comparison pic, though a little out of focus:

The angel:

The devil:

Our seven-pound lion:

Lounging in one of the living room cat trees, a couple days before Christmas:

Sleeping in her favorite bed atop the huge cat tree in the bedroom:

We love her to bits!
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eeeek she is adorable you are soooo lucky.....
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What a pretty girl! And such a cute name!

My co-worker has a cat that looks just like her, only her name is Sugar.
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Originally Posted by Nebula11
eeeek she is adorable you are soooo lucky.....
Thanks... we are VERY lucky she's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and although many of you have "teeney" kitties, but with our prior smallest being 11 pounds (except when Tuxedo was sick), our seven-pound wonder seems like a shrimp! Here's are good comparison photos:


Flowerbelle in the same basket:

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Awww, angel or devil, she's beautiful!
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Awwww what gorgeous pictures The "Angel" picture is just sooo sweet
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Originally Posted by yayi
Awww, angel or devil, she's beautiful!

thanks for sharing these pictures - she is so adorable
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Oh my, Flowerbelle, you definately are an angel! Laurie, she's just so gorgeous!
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Lazlo, you're such a beautiful baby snuggled up in your basket!
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Awww, I love her....what a doll!!!
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I just love Flowerbelle. Thanks for posting them!
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I think YOU guys are the angels for taking this beautiful baby in and giving her hope for a wonderful future in your loving home.
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What a lovely girl she has become!
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Ohhh, Flowerbelle is just so delicate-looking and beautiful! I think all cats are gorgeous, but she is really, *really* gorgeous! I love her name, too. She's certainly come a long way from her kitten photo, how sad! How wonderful of you to take her in! Oh, and Lazlo is adorable, too!
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Flowerbelle is such a sweet little girl!! I don't care that she switches over to the little brat once in a while - she is always the perfect little angel!!

As for being kittenish her entire life - I can tell you that our 3-1/2 year old Scarlett, topping off at 6 pounds full grown will always be the perpetual kitten. I don't know if its cause they are so small and they look like a kitten, but also act like a kitten.

Please give the little Belle big scritches from her Auntie Amy.
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What a dramatic change! She looks so healthy and robust. I love the picture of her peeking out of that cat tree in the bedroom.....
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Laurie, she sure has turned out to be a real spitfire! LOL And just a doll baby too.
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Flowebelle - we do just love her to bits! And she IS so dainty!!!!! It's impossible to get mad at her those times when she's being a mischievous little devil - because she's so darn cute doing it, LOL!

And as to being wonderful for taking her in.... it's totally selfish! We get so much out of having them be part of our family, they really are our children. They're so entertaining, so full of personality, and so fun to interact with. The best is at night though - even Lazlo has rejoined the group sleeping on the bed. Tuxie usually sleeps in the big cat tree in the bedroom, and Shel or Spook sleeps on the stand next to the bed, and the rest sleep on the bed. We should have bought a king-sized bed instead of queen-sized bed though, because there's not a lot of room left for Gary and I, LOL!
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Flowerbelle is as cute as a button!
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She looks mischevious ! I can see her winking in several of those photos !
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What a beautiful kitty.
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Originally Posted by Big Bad Wolf
She looks mischevious ! I can see her winking in several of those photos !
I'm sure she's glad it looks like that. Actually, she also had herpes which had manifested itself in her left eye. We fought for months to save the eye, but it required medication something like 7 times a day, and she HATES being medicated. The stress was just too much, so after much debate (here), with some great advice, we finally opted to have the eye out. Her energy levels went up about 100% (and she was already SUCH an active cat) once she'd recovered from the surgery. THOSE are NOT cute pictures (when where her eye is was sewn shut). She looked like Frankenstein. But now - she looks like she's winking!
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aw she is beautiful
at least now she is okay right??
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She's such a love, Laurie
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she is adorable!!
Such a difference
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