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Any way to ease symptoms of female cat in heat?

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I am cat sitting my daughters female cat who has come into her first heat. Is there any way to make her (and us) more comfortable during this time?

How long is a heat to last? (I have always had male cats and didn't have this problem before).
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Best way is to have her spayed. But it costs more when they are in heat due to increased circulation. Other than that, ear plugs? Nothing much helps. Breeders may know a sort of acupuncture technique, but it shouldn't be attempted unless you know what you are doing. Every heat cycle increases her chances of developing mammary tumors in the future, so spaying is the best bet. Heat cycles can last 2-3 weeks when a cat is not bred. Becky
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Two to THREE WEEKS?!!!! But spaying can be done during a heat but more expensive - any idea how much more? Much more of this and I just might get desperate...
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Sorry - we've never waited until a cat went into heat to get them spayed. Our vet's advice is to get them spayed as soon as their baby teeth fall out - around 4 months. They reach sexual maturity at four to six months. The best thing to do is to call the vet and ask! Charges for spaying vary GREATLY from area to area. If you want to search for a low-cost spay, you can use the link in my signature line to look for places near you. You can also contact SpayUSA at 1-800-248-SPAY. Counselors that have info about particpating vets are available from 9:00am to 4:30pm EST weekdays. In some instances, they can also call a vet to help negotiate an affordable rate. You can also call the vet to find out if they're familiar with any low-cost spay alternatives.

But please be aware that there are different types of spay surgeries. Some vets simply remove the ovaries. Others remove all the equipment. This type of spay is more expensive, but is the best option for the long term health of the cat.

If you live through kitty being in heat, PLEASE have a talk with your daughter about having her spayed! It makes such a difference to the behavior and long-term health of kitty. Also, please be aware that The Cat Site advocates spaying and neutering not only for the health of the cats, the sanity of the owners - but spaying or neutering reduces the urge to roam, so even if kitty is inside-only, there are less incidents of "breaking out," and it is estimated that there are in excess of 65 million homeless cats in the U.S. Please convince your daughter to be a part of the homeless cat solution!
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If this is your kitty's FIRST heat, then it should be all over with in about 5 to 7 days - give or take a day or two. The actual rolling around, howling, etc., normally only lasts about 3 to 4 days, then you should notice her begin to taper off a bit.

I would hold off getting her spayed until she is finished with her cycle. The reason for this is because 1) there is an increased risk of bleeding and 2) there is always a risk in putting cats under anesthesia - why do it when there is a double risk?

Just make 100% absolutely certain she doesn't have access to the outside where she can become pregnant.

As for making YOU more comfortable, try confining kitty in a cool, dark room away from the general population of the house. The cooler temperature and absence of light will allow her discomfort to be lessened.

While I can 100% sympathize with you on this (I have Siamese - have you ever heard a Siamese female in heat?????), it won't last long and you all will be back to normal in a week or so.

If she isn't spayed when this cycle is over, she should cycle again in about 19 to 21 days give or take. But - given that this is kitty's first estrus, it may be another few months before she has another cycle.

Best of luck,

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I would also suggest you wait till she finishes her heat.It is annoying for you, and not painful for her, she is just anxious because the only thing that will make her feel better is a romp with a tomcat which you don't want to happen. Hopefully she will not get outside, but they do try, even prying up window screens- so be careful-
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Best solution get her spayed. Wait it out, its annoying but it wont last that long. And DONT let her outside, we dont want her getting prego!
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Oh yes please get her spayed. How old is your daughters cat?
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Since we are on the subject here do male cats get into heat too?
He meows so loudly and still tries to romp my arm and he isnt even 4 months old yet.
My vet isnt going to spay him untill he is 6 months old, but i will have to change vet soon because we are moving to another city.
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I am not a vet nor having any formal training with cats, but I can tell you from many experiences that male cats will spray an awful smelling liquid all around your house (marking their territory and trying to attract females) when they reach mating age.  In my opinion, I would not wait until 6 months to neuter him.  I have always gotten my males neutered between 4-5 months and my vet had no problem with that.  Once they spray, it is nearly impossible to get the smell out of your home.

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You are  responding to an 8 year old thread

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If the cat will let you put her on her back or craddle her like a baby and put a wee bit of pressure on her belly...just above her vjay... kinda message thay whole musle area. The cat will relax even if it is jst for 1hr. I have read they dont feel pain...but think of of yo feel when you get cramps...cats feel this to. The messaging relaxes the tense muscles in that area...I do it girl is 4 now and not fixed yet. She tends to cuddle more now..I guess knowing that I help her when she is uncomfortable. Dont touch the vjay...just the muscles above. I sleep a little better at night when shes in heat.
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Welcome to TCS bellaboop!  This thread is several years old; I don't know that many of the other posters are around anymore. smile.gif


TCS is a very pro-spay/neuter community. Not only for helping reduce unwanted litters and overcrowded shelters; but for the health of the cats already with us. smile.gif

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One way is to get her spayed. To ease her for a short period of time, you can take a soft tissue and simply pet her privates (I know, eww!) in a swirling movement. You should get her to purr, because for some reason they think it feels really good. Also, gently rub her lower back and she should get into a mating crouch. But the best way is to either get her a male cat or get her spayed.
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