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I can't give you a lot of help. In the behavior section of this site there is an article on cat aggression toward people. It is a very good article which discusses several different causes for aggressive behavior, you may want to read it.

There are other more knowledgeable people here who may be able to help you more.

Good Luck
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I am having the same problem with my 6 month old kitten. I seem to be having some luck with a gentle squeezing of his entire head, and a loud "NO". A a good squirt from a water bottle is also helpful in extricating body parts from teeth and claws. The cold water hitting him will make him let go immediately. He still gets excited and does this occasionally, but is much better about it. Good luck with your kitty, I hope this helps.
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It really just depends on the situation and the cat. Some cats suffer from a disorder that either causes them to bite when over stimulated or if somthing out of the blue triggers it. Most cases it is just a case of boredom. In the case of overstimulation, it is usally treated with anti depressants along with knowing the triggers. In the case of boredom, you should add some more toys and maybe some places to climb and purch. When they do it, you should blow in their face and give a firm no, put them down pointing away from you and ignore them. I have never been able to use a squirt bottle with luck. Usually it is not in the right place at the right time. Then by the time you get to it and squirt them, they had no idea why they just got wet.
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Basil used to do the same thing. I have scars from his ambushes. When we got another cat, it stopped almost immediately! He was bored all along. This was his way of playing with us. Had I known I would have done more to stimulate him sooner.

Good luck
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I have the same problem!

My kitten (8 mos) has been biting us since day one. I do have another cat but she is 4 years old and doesn't play as much as the kitten would like. I have been thinking of getting the kitten a playmate. I have tried "no!", "don't bite the momma" and water bottle, more toys, nothing helps.

Occassionally it helps if I pick her up and pet behind her ears or under chin. But that doesn't always work either.

Arrghh. Least I know I'm not the only one suffering with teeny red marks on my body!!
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dvanguilder, if you cuddle and pet her after she bites you are teaching her that good things happen when she's really naughty! This will make it more likely that she bites because she hopes you will cuddle her in response to the biting. Oops!
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Kathy, how old is your kitty? Did she just start the bad biting? Does it only happen when you are petting her? Give us some good detail about her biting so we can give more help.
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Sateycat hauls off and bites me in the mornings. I've found that he is just bored and wants to play, so when I see his ears go back while he is looking at my arm and shaking his tail, I quickly throw him a toy.
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Thanks for reminding me that I am encouraging her behavior by petting and cuddling when she bites. Starting today, I say, No and walk away.

Its so hard because she is being soooo cute.

My vet suggested getting her some interactive toys like the mouse that runs on a battery, etc. I will have to try that. I was using the feather-thing on a stick but after a while my arm gets tired.

I think also getting her another playmate might help. My other cat is 4 and not into ALL the play that the kitten wants. Sometimes I swear she is looking at me and thinking - Mom help! I just want to take a nap.
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We had the same problem with Roxane.
She had a bad habit of biting my husband on the face when he would pick her up to cuddle her.
When she did this I would remove her from his arms sit her on the floor wag my finger at her right up close to her nose and keep saying "No no no no no bad girl " she would get very upset and try to swat me which usually cost her a tiny tap on her bottom with "Bad Girl " then I would ignore her for about 15 minutes.
This seemed to work for us and Roxane .
As for the water bottle technique, take it from me a water pistol works better, and you can carry it on you.
Best of Luck
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Thanks Tish. Right now she still thinks my No/walking away/etc are fun.

Water bottle might be the answer. I need to get one that sprays and not "streams" !!

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