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Hobbes, Oh, Hobbes!!!

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Here is a site you will just love! Cutest outfits I've seen. I can just see you in the Superman outfit, or the Whaler coat. Becky
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Too cute!
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I agree! Where is our little supermodel, anyway?
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oh Becky, that's a great site! Those outfits are cute... and Hobbes would look so handsome. Hello? Hobbster? Are you ordering from there yet?
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Yeah... Where is our Supermodel today? I miss him and his Meowmy too.
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those are realllllly cute, but expensive!
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Too cute~~~!!
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Good gosh, those outfits are cute!!!!! Thanks for sharing the link Becky. That whaler raincoat sure is adorable.

Did anyone check out the pet carriers? i've always wanted the Kwigy-Bo Charlie bag, but it's so pricey. They used to have it in baby blue and boy it is cute! i love that preppy argyle tee, Hobbes can pass off as preppy no?

Here is Hobbes' latest.
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and i thought cats bedding in germany was expensive!
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I found the site in an article in Cat Fancy titled "Livin' Large, Shower your favorint feline in extravagance." Most of the sites were for jewelry for your cat or pet spas to take them to, but that one just seemed to fit the Hobbster. Becky
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Oh I just love the preppy turtleneck tee!
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