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IS this a furball??????

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Okay my cat just startewd making these coughin noises but he hasnt chucked anything up??? He keeps on swallowing it back down and i have no idea what it is!!! i remember my cats in australia doing this when they were sick. But im so worried..

when cats throw up fur balls do they cough?? or what sound do they make?
He is going to the vet on thursday because on wednesdays here its closed.

he is fine now as if nothing happened but im still worried
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It sounds like a hairball. My mom's cat almost never actually coughs them up all the way (I'm not so lucky with my babies...they leave me slimey presents in the strangest places!) Do you have any hairball remedy you can give him? I've heard that a little bit of butter might help. If he is still coughing on Thursday, I would definitely take him in.
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My cat does cough when she has a hair ball... its kind of like a dry bark. Sometimes she vomits a little along with the hairball I give her hairball remedy a least twice a week now. As always, best to get it checked out
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Dakota has gone into these coughing fits 3 times in the last 3 weeks. I have to go cat shopping for supplies, I'll be sure to pick up some hairball remedy.
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well he stopped a few mins after the fit. I gave him cat grass ebcause i heard that they throw up better from it? for fur balls so i am growing grass in my bedroom.
My cat doesnt shed much hair. He doesnt get any hair on my clothes which im actually grateful for lol!
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