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Can I have your opinion?

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My sister and I are fueding........not really, but disagreeing......Her daughter who is 15 will want to be driving soon, but this kid is totally immature.......what age did you get your drivers license?? I got mine at 16, but I feel I was mature early.....never partied, drank, anything like that. (Somehow I missed out on all that fun!)
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My brother just turned 16 and got his license. He is not particulary responsible, but I think it will be good for him - give him a chance to learn responsibility in a supervised setting (I don't know how it works everywhere else, but here in ontario, a driver who has been licensed for a minimum of five years has to be in the driver seat and able to take over at any time).
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I was 17, but I flunked my drivers test (the physical part) the first time.
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I got mine when I was 15 but I was a very mature teen. I had friends who got theirs at 15 as well who shouldn't have gotten it due to being too immature. Matter of fact, the first day my friend had hers she hit abig post in a parking lot.

I think that it all depends on the child..........maybe if she's given more responsabilty, such as a part time job it will help mature her. At the very least, it will keep her off the road more.
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Will she be GIVEN a car or will she have to work for it?
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well i am currently in the process of getting mine and im 18 we have to go to a proper driving school here though.

I am really terrified of cars because back in august we were in a car accident and the car was hit badly... i had a huge shock and i just cant stand it when we drive too fast and we are too close to the car infront of us. i always think we are going to hit it. I actually get frights now when bf is driving or dad. I have to shut my eyes.

I would consider my self as mature.. but im really scared at the moment. this is why i havent got my theory lessons finished yet!!! i have 5 more to go
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion
Will she be GIVEN a car or will she have to work for it?
I don't think they'll give her a car, mostly because they can't afford it. I'll have to ask her.........
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I got mine at 21 after my husband died and had no choice.
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Drivers Permit 15 license 16
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It's not so much a question of when others here got their licenses, Susie, but more of what the laws are in her state and what the others her age are doing. I know I grew up in NJ, where you didn't get behind the wheel until age 17, but here in Florida, it is 15 for your 1-year learner's license (what we used to call your permit) and a license at 16. I know it's a difficult pill to swallow from experience. I have a 16 year old son who just got his license and a 15 year old daughter on the learning license. You haven't stressed as a parent until you have one out there driving on his own. If she is otherwise not in deep trouble with drinking or other serious issues, I believe you have to let them do what the other kids are doing.
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I was 17 (day of my birthday actually ha ha) when I got my drivers L. I wasn't a party person at all... My parents were ready for me to get my car up and running so they didn't have to drive me all over for school events.

I certainly think that driving is a privilage and if she isn't well behaved then it should be discussed more with her and her parents.
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Driver's license at 17.
Susie, if your sister and her daughter feel she's mature enough, you are outvoted 2 vs 1!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Drivers Permit 15 license 16
Same here.
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I got my license when I was 16 but moved to Luxembourg (Europe) afterwards where the legal age to drive was 18. My license expired when I was age 18 and I didn't get around to getting it again until 24. I used it from age 24-25 but I lived in a rural area and then from age 25-27 lived in Seattle where I got around by bike. So, technically, I really didn't start driving regularly until age 27!

Does a 16-year old need parental permission to get a driver's license?
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I am like a month away from the Learners permit... In January 31 I will turn 16. I am making plans to take the written test as soon as possible. In Puerto Rico you have to be 16 for a learners permit (Many people take the test on their very birthday). Its a very simple written test. The typical question is stuff along the lines of asking you what are you supposed to do at a red light and so on. Then, within 30 days (shortest waiting period from permit to license to a teenager in all of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the 5 Territories) you can take a practical road test, where if you pass it, you get the Drivers License. Unlike in some states, the drivers license of a minor is equal in all aspects to that of an adult (Only one type of license). In fact, Puerto Rican law has got absolutely no distinction or different requirements for obtaining the license from a minor to an adult (almost unique as in some states they require courses to minors) with the exception of the parental consent form.

In the Puerto Rican learners permit, the only restriction will be to have alongside a licensed driver of any age... So in those 30 days, I will be out with Vicky a lot.... hmm... bad idea, scratch that.

However... I have several friends who are legislators... and I am planning to talk to them a bit. We want to lower the driving age in Puerto Rico to 15.

I do have my car reserved... since my grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago, we haven't used his car... but they don't want to sell it because of it being a classic. Remember those tiny 1980 Datsuns? Bright orange... all I need is to change a few fluids and its ready. Yes... there are still some of those little guys running.
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop

Does a 16-year old need parental permission to get a driver's license?
Yes. At least in the United States, if you are below 18, you need to have your parents sign the form for you.
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Having neither a family car, nor the wherewithall to acquire one of my own, I didn't bother getting my driver's license at 16, as I could have. I was 22 when I took lessons, got my license, and bought my first car. It was a big deal when I did it, but it wasn't a big deal to wait.

And for you and your niece and sister? Well, I'd ask the same question as sofiecushion. If they give her a car, that's a recipe for disaster, IMO -- I don't care HOW responsible she seems to be, it seems to bring out the worst in kids -- and if she's not responsible...

But other than that, I'm inclined to think that having stated your concern, you've done what you can. The upside of being the auntie is much the same as for being the grandparent -- you get to enjoy the kids, without having the day-to-day grind of bringing them up. Well, the downside of both is that there comes a point when, no matter how concerned you are, having said your piece, you have to back off and let the parents make the decisions -- and hope there won't be an occasion when you need to be there to support them as a result of a bad one.

Pray lots and try to be even more alert than usual to opportunities to encourage responsibility in the girl. More than that can only serve to make bad feelings with your sister IMO.

What are the licensing laws where she lives? In BC, we have a graduated licensing programme. You don't start the process until you are 16, and the first two stages, Learner and Novice, have restrictions. It takes three years to get a full license. Nothing's perfect, but it sure does load the dice in favour of safety/responsibility.
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I'm with Rapunzel - I didn't get mine until 22 or 23 (no need for it until them).

BUT - I also found out that if I had gotten my license earlier - I would have paid less in insurance when I actually did start driving (at 22/23).

Something to think about - she can get her license but just delay her driving - in the long run she'll pay less in insurance fees.
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Originally Posted by yoviher
(shortest waiting period from permit to license to a teenager in all of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the 5 Territories)
{OK, five territories, can't let a 15 YO be smarter than me...Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, ummmm, ummmm, Guam, ummm, ummm..... Rats, he is smarter than me}

I worked for a doctor who gave his kids $1000 toward the purchase of a car if they would wait until age 18 to get their license. All 7 of his kids took him up on it. They are much less likely to get in an accident if they wait until 18. Becky {the not too good at geography person}
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License at 16 and a half, I believe. My brother was a very immature teenager (still is and he's 20) and he got his at 16, I believe, but he's never gotten in a wreck or anything... while I have and I was a mature teen, I think.
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I got my license at 16. Went through Drivers Education in High School.

But... started to drive at 15 when I had my permit because my friend was a terrible driver. And she already had her license. Yes, we were supposed to have someone 18 or older with us but we didn't care at the time. She did not know North, South, East or West. So I drove most of the time.

Needless to say, when my parents took me for driving lessons they were kind of shocked to see how well I could drive. Had losts of practice! Just told my mom about that one a couple of years ago and I'm 37. My dad already knew I had been driving without a license. (we didn't tell mom at the time)
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Hmm well heres my story
I could have gotten mine at 16 BUT (here is where you will agree ) my parents said no freakin way until I learned to be responsible, and that took a while!
I got mine about 2 months before I turned 18, when my Mom said she finally trusted me with my own car, and you know, I think looking back that she was right!
Don't tell her that I said that though
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lol...i still dont have mine and I am gonna be 24 in less then 2 weeks....I have my permit and such...but i just dont have the time and the money to go do it right now....the plan is to do it when were settled in, our new place...where ever that is....though as a side not i always thought a licence should be something you get when your 18...but thats just my opinion...lol
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I got my permit about 2 weeks after my 15th birthday and my license on my 16th birthday. I was mature for my age. I started working when I was 14. I've never had an accident that was my fault (I was rearended at a stop light and sideswiped when cars had to merge due to construction).

I know now in CA even when a teenager gets a license they can't have minors (except siblings with a note from their parents) ride with them for the first 6 months.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
My sister and I are fueding........not really, but disagreeing......Her daughter who is 15 will want to be driving soon, but this kid is totally immature.......what age did you get your drivers license?? I got mine at 16, but I feel I was mature early.....never partied, drank, anything like that. (Somehow I missed out on all that fun!)
If your sister wants your niece to get a license, she should enroll her in driving school. Driving school will also lower her insurance premiums (depending on how well her daugher does).

I was 15 when I got my license. I felt I was mature enough to handle the responsibility of driving. After I got my license (literally a week after), Hawaii passed a law stating that you have to take a semester of driving school to get your license. If you don't go to school and pass, you can't get your license until you're 18.
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Well i got my permit, about... 4 months before i turned 16.. i could have had it long before that.. but, i didnt really need it!
i got my L. about 3 months after i turned 16..
I had been driving w/ out a permit, which i was a great driver.. i was very mature for my age.. yet i didnt need to drive because i had my parents, or the school bus.. or an older friend to take me here or there.. but, once i hit 16... woo i wanted them.. im the oldest in my grade out of mi friends.. and they were counting on me to trolly them around

i had to wait 90 days before i could haul others in my car... My brother was an exception though.
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I'm getting mine in March next year! [my learners at least!]
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I got mine at sixteen (and then never bothered to do anything about it, I still don't drive and I doubt I ever will), but I was also reasonably mature and responsible, didn't party or drink, etc. Hypothetically speaking, if I had a 16 year old who wasn't terribly responsible or mature, or who engaged in risky behaviour (drinking at 16), I wouldn't allow it.

As an aside, I went to driver's ed, and actually I felt it was a really expensive waste of time - they really didn't teach anything that wasn't either very basic stuff you could learn from your parents (ie. how to turn on the car) or just common sense (if the roads are slippery with snow or rain, slow down!)... then again, if you're lacking in common sense, it might be useful.... (or if the course you take is better than the one I took).
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Here you can't apply for a learner's licence (our Provisional Licence) until you are 17. My son is 25, and although he did begin to take driving lessons, decided he didn't want to drive and hasn't done so yet. I keep thinking that eventually not being able to drive will make life so difficult for him that he'll capitulate, but he hasn't yet! My daughter is almost 18 and is planning on getting her licence so that she can learn to drive this summer. She made a decision that she didn't want to stress about taking a driving test until she'd got her education completed - getting into University is her number one priority and by the summer her exams will have finished.
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I appreciate everyone's opinions....my niece just isn't mature enough in my mind to drive......I personally hope my sister waits until at least she's 18....I'll let you all know!
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