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Ghibli the boogie-nosed

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I've been cleaning out Ghibli's nose, but I try not to do it too often because well.. he simply does not enjoy it. however, I've noticed that when he's all stuffed up, and he's gotten really active he sometimes rests and pants.. or he hangs his jaw slightly open. he's otherwise healthy, his coat is nice, his gums remain pink, and other than sneezing, he's acting like a perfectly normal kitten. He will in short order have an appointment with the vet, but out of curiosity... if it is a cold, is it like a human cold, where he's just going to have to suffer through it, or what? is it more serious in cats than humans?
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An occasional sneeze or two (cats' noses sometimes pick up funny stuff ) is normal but a runny nose and constant sneezing is something to check with the vet.
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He has an appointment to see what's up, and also , if it's nothing of consequence, to arrange for his neuter, on the 8th. I'll watch him, and if he seems to be in a little more need, i'll bump it up
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What an adorable little guy!!

You definitely want the vet to check him out thoroughly before the neuter - I have had to delay them when a kitten has a bad URI. You may want to call the vet and warn him that he has a cold prior to bringing him for the neuter - they can advise whether or not they would like to hold off on it or see him in the meantime.

URI's can be hard on kittens and sometimes they get exponentially worse overnight. If the only sign is a runny nose, he will probably work thru it on his own. But sometimes when their resistance is down, you can get secondary bacterial infections which require antibiotics to treat. Watch him closely and call your vet if he shows signs of lethargy, decreased appetite, or decreased water intake.

Good luck!
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