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2 questions

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I just brought home a 6 month old kitty like 2 days ago. Well Just have one question about him.

1. He is a VERY gasy kitty . He farts constantly or is just smelly from gas or something. Well is this normal for some kitties?? My father(where I got kitty from) said that he has always been that way. Any suggestions.

2. Off the Subject ?

Ok not sure if this will be too much info but both of my kitties like to come and bug me for attention while im in the bathroom. Why is that? Just something that I noticed.
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I'll move this to Heath & Nutrition for the first question.

And for the second, that's perfectly normal. They know they have your undivided attention.
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When I first got my kitten, she was a bit stinky. I think it has to do with the food she eats.... now that she's on Nutro and Petguard she doesn't stink as much. Although when she's stressed and picked up when she doesn't want to be... that's a whole different story!

As for the bathroom... my kitten loves to come visit with me in the bathroom. Even if she's sleeping in the other room, whenever I get out of my shower she'll be sitting on the bathmat, looking up at me. If I'm using the toilet, well, that's when she wants to sit on my lap. I think they just like you!
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A gassy kitten could be indicative of some sort of parasite. You should have your kitten vet checked. Once that's ruled out, consider the food you are feeding. Do the first ingredients on the list look like something you'd want to eat (i.e. chicken, chicken broth, etc)? There's a ton of threads around here discussing food options. Both my kittens were gassy when I first got them, and both had a parasite of somekind (in my unlucky case, coccidia and giardia, which I'm having a great time trying to get rid of).

Bathroom-wise, Sammy follows me everywhere unless he's occupied by something else...this includes the bathroom, laundry room, etc. He's fascinated by running water, too, so those two rooms are of special interest to him. Maybe your guy is interested in water too. Or perhaps he just gets lonely. lol

Let us know what you find out.
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My cat Simon was gassy as well when we got him as a kitten, I figured it was just normal, but after a month it stopped.

This was weird because I used the same food he had been given at the store. The only thing I can think of was that he shared board with 2 manx cats so maybe they ate some of his food and now that he's home with no other cats to compete with he ate more.. thus more gas!
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My Cissa was nicnamed "stinky cat" when she first came home, and it turned out she had Coccidia which cleared up quite well with Albon, then she had a tapeworm also, and once both were dealt with her poops got normal quickly and she doesn't stink one bit. When she was stinky it wasn't just her gas, it was "her."
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When I first got L.S. he was only two weeks off the streets, and was adjusting to new food. He had gas (and very loud farts) for about a month, and he hasn't farted since.

As for the bathroom.... ever had three cats in an eight foot by six foot bathroom? L.S. lays in the sink, Hans has to rub my legs, and Merlin hollars at me until I turn on the tub faucet so he can drink. I won't even go into what they do when we take a shower. Sigh... We have to use an extra towel to dry them off.
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Dakota will let one loose every now and then and boy, do you know right away. So it's not so much her farts, but more her of her litter box deposits that really bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes it smells so bad, my eyes water. This hasn't happened lately, thank goodness!

Dakota also likes to visit in the bathroom, though, I don't let her in when I'm using the facilities. So she'll cry outside the door and try to reach under the door with her paw. Shower time is a little different. She'll lay between the door and the wall, get bored, then leave and lay outside the bathroom door. I don't know, she's weird like that.
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A friend was over last night for dinner and happily just sitting in one of my reclining chairs. Cissa jumped up on the other chair, walked across the small table, right over to my friend, enjoy a little scratch and jumped down.

The my friend said....dang, she just came up here to fart and make me look bad.

Sounds like something a dog does. I didn't know cats farted to make people look bad too....LOL
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