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Hi all.

I am curious if anyone has thoughts about what could be up with my kitty.
(oh, and he HAS been the to vet, and had the full spectrum of bloodwork done to rule out organ failure, urinary tract infections, FIV, Feline Luk, heartworm, etc.
it DID show a high white blood cell count, indicating infection SOMEwhere...)

the story...
my five year old cat, Max, is finiishing up Zeniquin, a half tablet per day. He is showing some signs of feeling better since i took him to the vet this past thursday, but he is still not eating much. He was rather listless and just NOT himself last Thursday, so off we went to the vet. He had a high fever, but no other symptoms, so my vet gave me the zeniquin for him - 1/2 tablet per day.

Backstory. ..Max had a URI in early november which he got from my new kitty Odell, a humane society kitty who came with a cold. Odell was treated with clavamox and got over all of it quickly.

Max to the bug then - though his symptoms were worse than Odell's, was treated with eye ointment and Clavamox in early November. I took him back to the vet in early December becoz he would kind of cough/gag in the morning. The vet said to try prednisone, so iI did that. Vet thought it was perhaps seasonal asthma or allergy.

NOW, the vet thinks perhaps he didn't shake the URI, and got a secondary infection. Max was SO sickly all christmas eve, day and sunday, hot, glassy eyed, not eating....i was SO worried. he is now eating a little, not much, but he has gotten up, gotten in the window, and walked around more....
so I am a little more relaxed about him. still worrying though...and wishing we knew what the heck it is...the vet has said the next step would be a radiograph to look for problems IF he doesn't get better, but i really don't know how long it iis supposed to take to perk up.

so, is it normal for him to need this much recovery time? I guess if he has been harboring an infection since november, it is. does anybody have thoughts about this situation? it has been VERY scary!

melissa, max and odell
(i used to post under melissa ga but that username went missing!)