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FVR is viral Rhinotracheitis...it's a respitory virus that causes sneezing,loss of appetite,fever,conjunctavitis and a runny nose.
The only difference between the FVR and the FCV is that the FCV usually progresses into the sores in the mouth (calicivirus).
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So.... Sandie, from what I understand, I can expect her to get this virus periodically, since she will be a carrier forever.....
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It's possible, but she can also never show active signs again. It could have been that the virus was activated because of the new home, vets, etc. If she does end up at some point with an active case again, it may not be as severe. Of course it will be something you will have to keep in mind if you ever decide to bring another cat into your home. The stress of a new cat may bring it on and the other cat may get it. There are ways to avoid it, so if 5 years from now you wanted to, you could.
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Sandie, thank you so much for that info. I looked up Calcivirus on the net right after the Vet diagnosed it, and I did not find this information.

But I am still confused about one thing. You say after 5 years if I wanted to introduce another cat, there are ways to avoid it???

I am sorry, my brain is not computing what you were saying there.....
Is there a specific link that you got this info from, or was there a series of information......?

Thanks again Sandie....
What you have told me is valuable. And Danielle was DEFINATELY stressed when she came here... a new home, then she has med shoved in every orifi in her head, and THAT in itself was terrifiying in her new surroundings. I bet most or at least a lot of the cats at the shelter have the FVR or FCV. And since she had the staph infection, I bet lots of cats there have it too.
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I actually get alot of my info from reading the veterinarian text books. When it is slow, I pick them up and start reading. We actually have 2 volumes that deal with just cats.
What I meant by being able to bring a new cat home in say 5 years was that if you take precautions, the transmission of the viruses can be avoided or much more mild than what Danielle went through. These viruses are more common in cats than people think. It is something that most street cats, shelter cats and multi cat households get. However, if you have a cat that has been boostered on a regular basis, the chances are good that if they did come into contact then the symptoms would be very mild to none at all. So if you decided to bring another cat home, I would make sure it is not a baby and has been properly vaccinated. You would also take extra steps when introducing a new cat, so that Danielle does not get very stressed.
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Thanks Sandie,

I get it now. You are a doll.
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Danielle just came from the Vet. She is healing nicely. She can now go off the pill, the ear drops and the nose drops. The Vet said the ulcers in her mouth are healing. The only thing left is her eyes, but they are a lot better.

We will be continuing the eye cream for a few more days.
We go back after Thanksgiving to test her thyroid again to see if she will need the meds. Also, she was never vaccinated against leukemia and bortadella (according to the shelter records). So she will get those next time we go..... (although she is in the house, so waiting a month won't hurt)
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Hey, I am glad she is getting better finally!!!
I would like to say something about that leukemia vaccine though. Do some research before you let them give it to her. After much research on my part, I found it only necessary to vaccinate cats at high risk. Such as outdoor cats, shelter cats or cats that will be boarded. The leukemia vaccine has the highest rate of vaccine induced sarcomas. There are also very few owners who vaccinate against bordatella. So, please just look into it before you let the vet do it.
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Originally posted by Sandie
The leukemia vaccine has the highest rate of vaccine induced sarcomas. There are also very few owners who vaccinate against bordatella. So, please just look into it before you let the vet do it.
Sandie Thanks!!

The reason I was concerned about the Leukemia, was that I volunteer with FelV cats, (I haven't been there since we got Danielle), and I asked the Vet about Transmission if and when I go back to the shelter. He said the FIV was not as transferable, but the Leukemia might be a problem. That is why the vaccine came into the discussion.
When I asked if there were any other vaccines she should have, he looked at the shelter records and said she could use a Bortadella.

But I will definately check into what you said. Based on that, I have to decide whether to give up my volunteer work, or give her the vaccines. I guess I would have to lean toward staying away from the shelter if it came to that.

Thanks again Sandie, I will look into it.
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I was reading your thread, and the news that Danielle is healing and improving is so WONDERFUL!!! I am happy for you, your husband, and Danielle, and I hope Danielle's health will be more stable now.
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Thanc u aunty loriee

Danielle kiz kiz
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And you will see that as soon as she has less medications, she will begin again to be interested in you, in playing in being loved.... It will get better!

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That is already happening. My favorite times with her are when she cuddles on my chest when I am lying on the couch. She is all scoochy, like a dog :LOL: :LOL:

tanc u anty annclayr

Danielle XOXO
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I always knew she would get better! And that she would love you!

Let's drink to her recovery!

(Is your husband feeling better? Smoochy scoochy lovy Danielle might be the better doctor...)

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Yes, she is warming up to my husband pretty quickly....

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I am sooooooooooo happy for you guys!!!!!

That news is the best!!!! Congrats!

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tanc u anty jaky

Danielle kiz kiz
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Danielle is feeling so much better. But she is really pooped after working out on the exercise machine!!!
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She is beautiful! What a lucky cat she is to have found you!

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lol. That is so cute!!
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