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Well, the last time she wanted to be let out and I let her out, she was gone for two days.

Mike and I decided that we're not letting her outside again. We honestly don't know when she'll come back again.

Lately she's been pretty good about letting me go outside to feed the other cats and heat up the snugglesafe pad When it's cold outside I never have trouble with her.

When I go out to feed them and its nice, sometimes I'll turn around to open the porch door to see her sneaky face through the screen, ready to make a break for it. That's when I go around and enter the house from the front. Whenever I go outside to feed, I make sure I have my keys with me.

When she was taken away by the Allycat Advocats for her spaying, I paid for a physical exam and shots and FIV testing. At the beginning of this month, because we were trying to get Dusty into a new home, Jenny from Alleycat Advocats came by and checked her for ear mites and worms and fleas. She was clean on all counts. She even looked at her eyes and checked her teeth for tartar.

I don't think it's a physical thing. I think it's a tiny cat brain thing. Her habitat has changed but she still wants the same territory.
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What kind of luck do you all have with harnesses? Is it tough to get them on the kitty? Are they cool with the leash? I've been trying to reach a happy medium with my cat, and harness and a leash are my last resort, sort of.

This February I adopted Dusty who had kittens on my porch. I am continuing to care for the other strays in the neighborhood by feeding them on that very same porch.

My kitty still wants to go outside. For a while, if the weather was good, every other weekend we'd let her out. I made sure she had a collar on with our phone number on it. Last weekend I made sure she had a flea collar too.

Back in the olden days when I was training her to come inside for adoption opportunities. I would feed her in the morning, let her out and she would be waiting when I came home at six to come inside for dinner.

But these other cats on the back porch are making trouble. It's a constant battle for territory out back there, and at first I just thought she went out and didn't feel like coming back for a day or two. Saturday blurred into Sunday and I got more and more worried. I called shelters, I made flyers.

Wednesday night I cased the neighborhood, calling her name.The larger problem I found out last Wednesday night was that those other cats won't let her come home. Its even worse now on the porch because while I was looking for Dusty I discovered two of the female strays had had babies. I didn't have any indication they'd even gone into heat.
The strays never got spayed because all of my stray cat antics happened in the winter time where the NoKill Shelter folks I've been in contact with won't spay cats in the winter because their bellies have to be shaved and they could freeze.

Despite this awful state of affairs happening last week, it's spring and Dusty smells everything outside and we've nicknamed her Steve McQueen because she's plotting The Great Escape. After everything, she still wants to go outside. I want to be a good cat mommy and make her happy, but I get nervous whenever she goes outside. I'm hoping a harness and a leash(and leaving from the front door)will be the happy medium we both need. I want her to be able to go outside and bake in the sun like she used to. I would like us to be able to barbecue and eat on the back porch together.
Is this a good idea or should I just put my foot down and make her inside only for life?
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i've had cats that like harnesses and do great going for walks on a leash, and i've had cats that hate them...you'll know as soon as you put it on, the cat i had that hated it would lay down as soon as i put it on, and you couldn't do anything but drag him along, so i gave up...but other cats i've had love them...it's worth trying, the best thing i've found is to put the harness on and let them wear it for awhile and get used to it before trying to leash them...good luck
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Well, she really wants to go outside, like they're giving out catnip and fishy treats and she's missing all of it. I sort of expect she'll be dragging me. I'm also hoping this doesn't have to be a permanent arrangement. Maybe once the porch cats have all been spayed they won't be as territorial. Also, taking her out on the leash as part of a routine a few times a week, through the front door, might change her behavior that she can come and go through the front door without having to deal at all with the back porch cats.
I dunno, its tough. I want us both to be happy. If all my attempts fail, Dusty will have to stay inside all of the time.
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So I came across this thread while doing a key word seach for "Boston" and I wanna know what has happened!!!!
What happened to Dusty? We're you able to reach an agreement and have her go out on the harness? What happened to her babies? What about all the other stray cats???? This Boston gal wants to know!!!!!
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Well, It's kind of sad. We never got to try the harness.
Mike and I went away on vacation two weeks ago.
We got back this Wednesday night.

While we were away, our landlord replaced our front door and wouldn't you know it, Dusty ran away while he was working on it.

Dusty had at least two people coming by every day to keep her fed and entertained, but she ran outside anyway.

When we came home we saw her in the neighborhood. We barely recognized her. She didn't have her collar on anymore. When I called to her, she didn't respond. When I would move towards her, she'd run away. I'm afraid of what has happened. She's only been out in the world for five days or so. It's like she doesn't know me, but the cat's face is identical to Dusty's.The patches the nose, the nubbly chin. The only thing I couldn't check on her is the little black spot on her fuzzy bum. Could she have forgotten about us? It seems like she doesn't want to be my kitty anymore. Does that happen with strays a lot?

I don't know what she's thinking. Maybe she only wants to be an indoor cat in the wintertime? It's like she's totally gone stray all over again. We've let her out before, and she's been gone about as long and been happy to see us. It's not like we threw her out. It absolutely breaks our hearts because we were so looking forward to our sweet puff welcoming us home again. But now it's like she's a completely different cat.

I didn't see her at all last night, and I'm worried. Worried that someone else has adopted her while we were gone and thrown her collar away. Worried that she doesn't want a home or our love. How can she not remember the good times? The catnip? Playing ball with us? Two squares a day and a soft pillow to sleep on?

We don't know what to do. We want our baby to come home.
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Dusty first showed on our porch last September in a bag of charcoal. She gave birth in the charcoal bag to four chubby puffs who were adopted by good families. One of them is Maskie whose name I took for the message boards.

Three cats used to mooch Dusty's food on a regular basis when she was living outside. Those cats are Cheeseball, Milkball and Grayball. These new freeloaders showed up in the winter time so the cat shelter that helped me with Dusty told me that they wouldn't fix these new cats until the spring because they might get frostbite on their bellies.

The last time Dusty ran off and I was calling to bring her in I discovered that two of the freeloaders gave birth to kittens. Truly all three of my outdoor females were knocked up by another freeloader, Tuxedo ball.

Cheeseball and Tuxedo ball have been trapped and snipped. Cheeseballs kittens are little angels now.

Cheeseball is in a shelter awaiting adoption, but she's very shy and the shelter wants to send her back to my porch if she doesn't want to be adopted.

Tuxedo never let me get near enough to pet him so he got tipped and re-released into the wild. I've seen Dusty walking around with Tuxedo. Do cats talk about us to each other? Dusty was spayed quite a while ago, but still retains that strong territorial urge.

This weekend, Milkball and Grayball will be trapped and spayed. Gray is sort of friendly so she might get some foster care or a shelter. Milkball might have to be tipped as I've never been able to pet her either, she runs away.

That's all the cat update I have for now.
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Oh I am ssoo sorry your Dusty got out and has not yet returned home.

If it has only been 5 days I am not sure why she might not remember you, but there are many people on here that have experience with strays that might be able to provide advice. Maybe when your landlord came in to replace out the door s/he made a lot of noise which could have been scary and unsafe in the cat's opinion and so she ran out - and maybe she thinks that's what home now is??? I could be very wrong.

My only advice is to be patient and try to coax her back into the house like you did so many months ago and hopefully you can bring her back in with treats, food, toys, etc.

I will keep good kitty vibes for you!!!!
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Well, I haven't seen Dusty around. When we first got back, she came up to eat dinner on the porch once, but my boyfriend got excited that she showed up so soon and when he came around the back way to bring her in, but she got scared and ran off.

The next day, we saw her in the afternoon in someone else's yard. I was afraid I'd get arrested, but I went in there, with a plate of food, calling her name and asking her to come home. The closer I got to her, the farther away she'd go, until she was in a thicket of tall unruly stalky plants and all I could see was her eyes. I couldn't even bribe her with food.
Maybe she wanted me to go in after her, but all I could do was take her retreat personally.

Next Wednesday it will have been a week since we've seen her. I put up flyers over the weekend, but I'm afraid the rain has done a job on them. I won't be able to reflyer the area until the rain has stopped and we might have rain all week long.

I'm starting to feel what parents of a missing child must go through. I just need to know she's okay. If someone else has decided she's their kitty instead, I guess that's alright. I just want whoever has Dusty to love and care for her as much as we do.
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Does anybody know how long a cat stays in the same neighborhood before it moves on? I haven't seen Dusty in almost a week and I'm very worried that she might have moved on to another neighborhood somewhere else, or one of my neighbors took her in and decided to keep her. How long can a poor kitty go on without food?
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