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Happy/Sad Story

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I was able to trap two abandoned kittens on Christmas Eve--the temperature was close to 0º. By getting those two kittens out of the cold and into a warm, safe environment with good food and water made it one of the best Christmases I could have hoped for. I also was able to turn the kittens over to a member of Friends of the Animals who was able to house the kittens until their trip to the vet (I have ten at home with nowhere yet to safely put any newcomers). The sad news is that one of the kittens tested positive for FeLv. We're still going to try and find a home for the little one--he's gorgeous and deserves a chance at life! Just wanted to share!
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Aww poor little thing. I hope that someone comes along who wants just one kitty who will be an inside one. Good for you for doing the right thing by these little babies.
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What a happy (and sad) Christmas story! Thank you for sharing. Sending out vibes/prayers that this little FeLV kitty will find a loving home.

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Originally Posted by LDG
What a happy (and sad) Christmas story!
yes exactly!

heres hoping that a wonderful home can be found for this little one - bless you for giving these 2 a chance at a wonderful life
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Are you looking for homes for both kittens or just the healthy one?

Thank you so much for saving these little babies.
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Both kitties need homes. They are being treated for coccidia right now and will be re-tested for leukemia in a few weeks to see if the one (hopefully) had a false positive.They are otherwise doing well!
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