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Peeing on bed

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Please help. I have two male cats. One is 4 and the other is about 6 months. The youngest one, Sunshine, was just neutered and declawed last week and now all of a sudden he has started peeing on our beds. He still uses the litter box and pees nowhere else in the house except for the beds. We don't really want to have to keep our bedrooms doors shut because the older cat sleeps with us. I would really appreciate some suggestions on what we could do or what might be causing this.
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You should take him to the vet to have a urinanalysis. The stress of surgery may have triggered a bout of feline lower urinary tract disease and he may need treatment. Inappropriate urination is often a cry for help. Unfortunately, declawing is very stressful for cats and many people think it leads to behavior problems, although there is no scientific evidence of that. You need to make sure he has an adequate fluid intake, feeding all canned food will ensure this. And you really do need to take him back to the vet. Becky
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Sometimes right after a declaw, the litter being used is hard on the cat's sensitive feet. And they will avoid the litter pan. My friend who only rescues declawed cats from the shelters swears on using rabbit food (pellets) for litter, as it doesn't hurt them.

But your cat is probably suffering from stress of the operations and as Becky says is now dealing with a urinary tract infection. It would be a wise thing to get that checked out.

Plus if you don't use a good enzyme cleaner on the bedspread and get the urine smell completly gone, he will return every three days and refresh his spot.
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Definitely take him back to the vet - as Becky and Hissy said, a urinary tract problem can cause this type of behavior.

While he's recovering, I'd either restrict his access to the bedroom, or put a tarp or heavy plastic sheeting on the bed to prevent further damage to your mattress when you're not in the bed - the tarp also makes the bed a less attractive surface to pee on. It might be a good idea to get a waterproof mattress cover too.

If the urination problems are stress related, A Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser can help to reduce stress too - you can get them at most pet stores, vets, or online - this site has a good price.

If the cats are sharing a single litterbox, it would probably be a good idea to add another - preferably closer to the bedroom, to help encourage Sunshine to use it instead of the bed.
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There are several good enzyme cleaners - Anti Icky Poo, Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle, and Cat Odor Off. You need to eradicate all the stain and odor, otherwise your sweet little kitty will think it's an OK place instead of the litter box.

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There are several good enzyme cleaners to get your bedding clean. There's Anti Icky Poo, Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle, and Cat Odor Off. I use them all; they all work well.

Good luck,

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i wish you the best of luck with your kitty
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