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Bad Kitty Treats?

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My kitty has not liked any cat treats so far, but my sister-in-law gave me "Whisker Lickens, Double Delights Tartar Control" Chicken and Liver treats. Also, "Whiskas, Temptations" Salmon flavor.

Now, she eats both, but mostly likes the first one. I have given her only a few, but I wondered if they could be upsetting her in some way. Today, she has been lethargic, sleepy, and in a pissy mood, meowing at me. Also, she won't sit on my chest like she loves to do.
I suspect perhaps she is not feeling well.

I just wondered on any advice as to cat treats and if they are prone to upset a kitty's stomach...or something? I will now stop the treats and see if she resumes her regular behavior.

Thanks all.
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Vjoy - thanks for posting on my other thread........

My kitties love those tartar control treats, and they prefer the chicken flavored ones. I don't know why, but they are really the only treats (other than soft food) that they respond well to. But anything has the ability to upset their tummies.

When I started feeding Missy soft food so she'd gain weight, of course Boo had some too, and for about a day or two he was miserable - he had diarrhea and was very lethargic. I'm sure it was the change in the food, and he had to make an adjustment. He's fine now.

Check kitty's litter box for anything that looks different or weird. You may be able to tell that way. Good luck.
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Dani loves Friskies Dental Diet and Pounce Tarter Control (chicken & turkey mix). As soon as she hears me pick up the bags, she's right by my side. The Friskies comes in a box so I put them in a plastic baggie. She'll try to push my hand out of the way if I don't pull the treats out fast enough.
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My kitty Onyx loves any cat treats I throw his way :tounge2: He especially likes anything salmon flavored. Whisker Lickins are a big favorite. My "teen" kitty Loco, however, hates all the different treats I have tried. I have about five or six different kinds and Onyx, lucky duck, is getting them all, because Missy is too young and Loco won't touch them . I can see Onyx getting even bigger as the cold weather approaches and he stays inside more, with all those kitty treats!
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There is no such thing as a dumb cat Just ask Onyx.

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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:LOL: = You know it!
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my kitties like any kind of soft treat there is . . . they haven't gotten sick from them or have ever had mood swings from them either - they just come running from all directions when they hear me shake the can - heh heh
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