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Tiggy hates to eat alone!

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I was just sitting here, getting ready to go to work, and here comes Tiggy. Nothing abnormal about that.......well, he sits down in front of me, drops a mouthful of dry food in front of me and proceeds to eat it. Now, our dry food is in the basement, so the little cutie carried it all the way upstairs just to eat it. I guess he hates to eat alone!! Have you ever seen your kits do this??
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Awwwwwww no mine have never done that. They usually get fed when i'm eating but sometimes Sophie sits and watches me with her head to the side watching every bit that i put in my mouth
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My cat doesnt like to be alone. AT ALL!!!
he wont eat if im not in the room
he will come to the toilet with me
he will sit on the edge of the bath tub watching me bathe and shower.
He will run to me as soon as i open the front door!
He will sleep next to me right on my pillow.
and we have this meow communication which my bf doesnt believe!!
ohh and he will meow to get my attention and sit on my lap and sit infront of the screen if i dont give him attention
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How darling!
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My Simon will come get me and want me to go into the kitchen with him when he wants to eat. As long as I'm there when he starts eating everything is fine and I can walk out once he's started munching!

What a sweet kitty Tiggy is!
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Awwww bless you Tiggy, you can come eat with me and Meishka anytime!!! (I don't think she'll share her food though.... oink oink)
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Tiggy the little ham!! My Scarlett loves her nightly canned food, but will walk away if we are not standing there talking to her and loving on her while she eats it. She gets fed on the kitchen counter as 1) she is spoiled rotten, and 2) we don't have to bend over when we pet her while she eats.

They do get you trained, don't they?
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Susie, my Rusty will do that, I thought that he was the only one! Ain't it sweet though?
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Cats are social eaters, as long as they have seperate bowls of food. I sit with mine when they eat, on the floor nearby. I have done that as long as I have had them. If you think about it, they come into the world and the first thing they do is snuggle up against each other to grab mom's nipple. Then as they get older, we expect them to be happy eating a solo meal? Do you like eating alone at a restaurant?
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Good point MA.....just funny it took him almost 2 years to do something like that! I guess Trixie and Petals had already eaten and left him alone! LOL
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I had a kitty that would take a big mouth full of crunchies and put them on the floor beside the bowl, then eat them one at a time. Then she would get another mouthfull and do the same thing. She was also good about finding every spilled kibble and eating it for me. She liked them best off the floor, not out of the bowl. She never took them anywhere though. Becky
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Hehe, cute!!!
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My dog use to do that!!!! Isn't it cute!!
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Never had one of mine do that, but we feed in the kitchen, and once I put their dishes down, I do their water dishes, and then their crunchie dishes, and then any other chores that happen to be waiting my attention, and by that time, somebody has finished eating and is asking for the door.

They don't seem to care if anyone is around when they snack on crunchies, but I guess that's no different from a human grabbing a snack, either, come to think of it.
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Aw that's cute! I've never seen Bay do anything like that... and now I'm more in love with Tiggy!
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Tiggy is adorable! What a sweetie!
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Aw that makes me smile so much! Cute Tiggy!
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awwwwww Tiggy
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