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That's great news! WTG, Persil!
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Wow how could I miss all of this. You have had quite the experience with little Persil. I hope everything continues to improve with her.
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Big day today. The abscess has closed and I am going to risk leaving off the bandage as I am at home all day (It is Bajram, a Moslem festival as big as Christmas is to others). I need to groom Persil well as there is so much loose hair under where the bandage goes, around her chest and upper back. And I am sure she will love the feeling of freedom. But I will put it back on if I see her licking herself unduly. I am being a worry-Mom I know but she still seems to be breathing faster than the others, though the vet said she was OK on Monday. Maybe the bandage has been constricting her lungs so I want to see that too once she has it off.
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Good luck with the bandage off, Jenny.
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thanks. I took it off and she is so happy! She has been sitting on my desk grooming herself for ten minutes now - I have distracted her when she has gone to the abscess site, but she can bend now to reach her hind parts for the first time in ages and also lift her paws to do her face properly, so she must be really content to be cleaning herself at last! Poor thing - I remember when I was in plaster, how dreadful it felt not to be able to bathe completely.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
so she must be really content to be cleaning herself at last!
oh I bet she is so happy with this!!

so pleased to hear that everything is still going well Jenny - we are still thinking of you both
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Thats brilliant Jenny!. I know when my two had one of those e-collars on they couldn't wait to start grooming themselves properly!.

And your right about the plaster!. I broke my foot a few years ago and had a plaster on up to my knee, but when they removed it i gave my leg and foot a good rub and scratch and the feeling of fresh air against it was sheer bliss!, so i'd imagine it would be the same for Persil?!.
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Glad to hear it Jenny, I hope that she will be content to groom herself and leaves the abcess site alone. Hopefully now things will go back to normal. :-)
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for progress! wishing Persil continued recovery.
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I have to admit I always have trouble finding this thread. I just posted a thread in the Cat Forum to see how Persil was because again, I couldn't find this thread.

Anyway, I'm just so happy little Persil is doing well. My daughter even asks about her since I showed her Persil's picture.

I look forward to updates.
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Such good news Jenny! I couldn't be happier with how well Persil's recovery is progressing! You go little Persil!
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Jenny, I've been away from the board for a while, but didn't stop sending good wishes for Persil. I'm so glad to hear she's doing much better.

I hope her recovery continues and she has no more setbacks. You've done such a wonderful job caring for her.
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I have been keeping the bandage on her at night, when I can't watch her to ensure she doesn't scratch or lick, as she did open it again once. But this morning it is completely healed, so I think I can leave it off permanently. She does seem to want to pick play fights though, and I hope one of the others doesn't inadvertently scratch or bite her on the bald skin all around the site.

She is still breathing faster than she should be, by my reckoning, though the vet seemed to think it was all right. Maybe the stitches in her diaphragm are still tight, causing some discomfort? But she is behaving completely normally, so I am probably worrying about nothing. They will Xray her again when she goes for her final checkup in 2 months, so I must just remain calm till then. Thank you again, all of you, I do not know how I would have got through this without the Board.
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It'll do Persils wound good to get the fresh air to it Jenny, thats great that it's healing well

Don't worry too much about her breathing because i'm sure she's fine, especially when she's wanting to pick fights with the others
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So happy to hear little persil is on the mend! I'm sure if she's picking fights she's fine!! You go Persil! Don't let those big kitties push you around!
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Horay!! Way to go Jenny!! It has been a long haul, but you hung in there and now little Persil is almost all well, kudo's to you both!! :-)
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Persil may have formed the habit of taking short, shallow breaths while she was sick, and following the operation, as long, deep breaths probably hurt her. She'll presumably start breathing more normally once she's completely healed, and "learns" that it doesn't hurt. Play fights are a good sign!
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Thank you for brightenging my morning, this is wonderful news, Jenny! I'm so happy Persil has even been playing with her sibblings!
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What wonderful news jenny!!!!!
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