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Oh Persil...we are all sending you healing vibes...you must get better...Spring is coming, with it's bevy of wonderful smells and butterflies that go by the window!

Hang in there Jenny, you two will get through this,
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Poor baby, and poor you, I hope that this clears up without any more trouble and you can all get back to normal, best wishes and hugs.....
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Aw, poor little Persil. Yet more ((((((vibes)))))) on the way...
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I am having great difficulty in keeping the ecollar and the dressing on her - she got both off this afternoon while I was out. Because the abscess is right in what in a human would be the armpit it is really hard to bandage it either to her leg or to her abdomen in a way that covers it and stops her licking. She took the entire tube bandage off as well. HAs anyone had any experience with warm versus cold compresses to draw an abscess in cats? I am wondering whether it would be good to hold her with a warm dressing on it for a while.
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aaawww, seems she's a handful. Still sending heal quickly vibes to your handful, so that she can be back to being her normal self soon. She's so cute
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I think it would be good to hold her for a while, even just to reassure her that she's all right. Something about a Mama's arms that works wonders.

About the bandage...here in the states, we have wrap (gauze) which sticks to itself. I get it all the time when I've donated blood - I don't know what it's called. but it's like an Ace bandage, except it's sticky and will adhere to itself, leaving no ends to take off. If you can get your hands on some of that, it might help.

Also consider using an Ace bandage. Wrap it in a figure 8; around her leg, over her shoulder, around her leg, over her shoulder several times. Put the solution on under the actual bandage (or cotton square, whatever is appropriate), and wrap it that way. It will likely hinder her movement, and don't make it too tight, but it will be far more difficult to remove - either by herself or another cat.

Or...take an old sock - a long one of yours. Bandage the abcess, and then slide the sock on to her. Take 2 safety pins, and a peice of ribbon. Attach a pin to either side of the sock and pin the ribbon to the sock, leaving enough room for her to move. It will act like a sling, and since it's over her shoulder, it will again be harder to remove.

I think the trick will be somehow using her shoulder/back to keep the bandage on. It provides leverage that way, and is much more secure than just a bandage wrapped 'round her leg.

Hope one of these works - yes, I've used them all at one time or another on one cat or another...Depending upon the cat, it's had moderate success or great success. But always some success.

Hugs to you and wee Persil...and get well soon!

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Hubby (nurse) says warm compresses for abscesses. Jenny, this type of thing often occurs after surgery, and your being there wouldn't have prevented it. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Persil - I really think she's going to be okay, but will be experiencing some discomfort for a while. Is it possible to "layer" the tube bandage, i.e., put three or four on her, but not edge to edge, so that she has to strip them off one at a time? Our last cat had a broken tail, which was splinted (about four inches; the vets recommended splinting rather than amputation). He kept working at the splint, so I got very thin foam rubber sheets from a medical supplier (they're used under braces or with prostheses), and taped a few over the splint with tons of surgical tape. Straycat had to rip them off before he could work on the splint. He always managed to get the E-collar off, too. I got that tip from my sister, whose cat was in a cast (dislocated hip and broken leg) for quite a few weeks following a cat fight. It's not fool-proof, but slows them down.
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Thanks for the tip about compresses. I have used surgical tape to stick the dressing on her under the tube bandage, then the bandage, then a ring of tape around her tummy on top of the bandage. She has not got that lot off yet, and it is preventing her either licking or scratching the abscess, though the poor thing is finding walking difficult with all the stuff on her. She is still eating well though, which is a good sign.
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If you are any good a sewing, you could make a tube sock garment as Michelle suggested and set in a sleeve on that side so that she wouldn't have access to it and she would have a really hard time getting it off. Sort of one of Hobbes designs. The tape Michelle was referring to is called Coban in the people version and Vetwrap in the pet version. Becky
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Oh, poor little Percil! I know she's getting the best possible care from you, Jenny and all of us here -- cat and human -- are sending purr prayers and good wishes to you and Pecil.
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I definitely hope your little one recovers quickly.
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I bet you are so exhausted. You probably aren't getting very restful sleep, are you? Hope Persil is getting better
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I didn't realize you were back Jenny, so I just now caught up. Poor baby Persil, she sure isn't catching any lucky breaks, is she?! Good thoughts still coming your way.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
Thanks for the tip about compresses. I have used surgical tape to stick the dressing on her under the tube bandage, then the bandage, then a ring of tape around her tummy on top of the bandage. She has not got that lot off yet, and it is preventing her either licking or scratching the abscess, though the poor thing is finding walking difficult with all the stuff on her. She is still eating well though, which is a good sign.
Pooor baby. It's too bad we can't sit them down and explain to them why they have to be bandaged. It would be so much easier if we could. Still thinking of her. So glad she's eating.
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An update - we had a really bad experience last night changing the dressing, as some of the surgical tape had stuck to her skin by the abscess and it really hurt her when I tried to remove it. In the end I held her for half an hour with wet cotton applied to soak the band-aid away and finally got it off. Then I re-applied the dressing with a crepe elastic bandage to hold it on, criss crossed over her front and tied on her back. That seems to be working.

The site itself still looks nasty but cleaner than it did, and the hole seems smaller, so I hope that it is going to heal. The vet doesn't want to see her till Monday unless I think it is an emergency, so we will hopefully wait till then. Meanwhile she is eating etc well, and doing everything a kitten can do while trussed up with tapes around her legs and back! It is actually quite funny to see her hopping up and down the stairs. But I do wish it were all over and she can be normal again. She has taken to sleeping under the duvet with her head in my armpit, so I daren't turn over, but I don't mind as I know she needs the extra comfort.
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Aww...poor Persil. Poor Jenny. You're both doing great, though! I'm glad Persil seems to be doing better, despite everything she's been through! Continued good vibes, and let us know how she is.
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Poor baby, but you are doing good Jenny, and hopefully it will heal up fast and everything will be back to "normal". Hugs to you both
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I'm glad to hear there's been some improvement. I'm sending some "healing vibes" Persil's way.
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Poor little Persil!I'm so sorry you had that awful experience last night with the surgical tape. That must have been so painful for your sweet little baby, Jenny. You're so smart to have discovered a better way to apply her dressing! Persil is just so sweet to snuggle up against her Mommy for comfort!
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You're doing such a good job of caring for her Jennie.

I used to have a little cat named Magenta that slept like that -- she drooled during the night, too. I slept on my back for years because I liked the sweetness of it.

I'm sending you lots of purr prayers and good wishes for a quick recovery.
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Thank you all for your good wishes. Persil has been to the vet this morning for a check-up, and he is very pleased with her progress. I have been dressing the abscess night and morning and it is now looking clean and much smaller. She is a devil about getting bandages off though, and I took her to the pharmacist to ask about the best thing to use. I tried the sock suggestion but my socks aren't large enough to get over her. Now I have two large gauze bandages to put one on top of the other over the dressing, and it has been 24 hours now and she has not worked this one out yet.

What does surprise me is that the vet does not think she needs antibiotics to help clear it up. I have never heard of an abscess that did not need antibiotics, but I spoke about it specifically this morning and he says it is healing well on its own and he does not want to give any unnecessary meds.

She is eating, drinking and using her box OK. And yesterday she was chasing Dushka all round the house - a dangerous thing to do as Dushka will only put up with so much from the others. But there were no tears before bedtime, as they say, and I am much happier than I have been for some weeks.
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Jenny thats brilliant! It certainly sound like Persil is well on her way to recovery
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I am so pleased for you and Persil! I am glad she is getting better - and without the need for extra meds!

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oh Jenny I am so pleased to hear this news from the vets visit
i can just imagine how happy you are - and relieved too I bet
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Jenny, I'm so happy to hear that she's healing nicely!! She's such a strong, brave girl. And I'm glad to see that you're spirits are lifting; what a huge weight off your shoulders!
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What fabulous news
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This is good news, Jenny! I'm glad you can feel a little more at ease now.
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wonderful news to hear that she's recovering well and playing
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YAY YAY YAY that is GREAT news Jenny. I am so glad. :-)
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Oh that's good news!
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