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That's great news! After all, it hasn't even been a week. Believe me, everybody has been keeping an eye on this thread, and anxiously awaiting news. Any of us could be in the same situation at any time.
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Good news. Did you ever find out if she was spayed while they were in the neighborhood? I think you will be safe in leaving her. How often will your pet sitter come, or can you get someone to house sit? Becky
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Jenny, I am so thrilled to hear of Persil's recovery progress. Sounds like she's getting better each day
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i'm glad to hear Persil is doing well. hey, i was sleepy as all get out after my gallbladder surgery - i think that all the sleep is healing! she's eating, so she's doing great - congratulations on a successful outcome!
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I did ask and no they didn't spay her, so the poor thing has to go through another op at some time soon. The surgeon said he didn't believe in doing it too young, so there you go. He suggested waiting two months, I hope she doesn't come into heat before then. At my reckoning she is about four months now.

My landlord will actually live in my house while I am away - neither he nor I like to leave it empty, for the cats, for my computer and other equipment and for his property. He is that very unusual character, a Bosnian cat-lover, and I trust him. Though I would not have liked to leave Persil with him if we were still syringe feeding or she was really sick. I am not sure he could cope with that. But if she continues to improve and feeds herself OK, then as long as he has the mobile number of the vet who treated her, I think it will be OK.
I won't believe I am really going though till I am on the plane - I will still cancel if anything is not as it should be.
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I fully understand your concerns. I love the fact that your baby is that important. I especially love that you feel so strongly for your girl. If only all humans that chose to have a nonhuman companion live with them, would be so aware and care as much.

I do hope that she improves more so that you can go on your trip. I know she would feel bad for you to miss anything important. Not that she would understand herself being more important to you. I'm not sure that they do understand how important they can be.

I don't know how your family is, my family would understand if I canceled a trip because one of my girls were sick. My family all knows how into animals I am. I always have been. Since I was little. I hope your family is as understanding as mine, and won't feel hurt or angry if you do decide she needs you.

They are our children. Shade will be 7 months old tomorrow, wich means we've had her 6 months and a week now. She IS our child. Even my motherinlaw has accepted that our cats are our children. When we first got together, my ferrets were my babies, and she didn't understand. She couldn't understand a human bending over backwards for their pets. She now has a dog that is her baby. She treats him like a little human, so I know she understands now

Good luck. I hope you get to go. I hope your girl continues to improve, not just so you can go, but just because she NEEDS to. I am so glad that things are turning out better then imagined in the beginning.
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I did ask and no they didn't spay her, so the poor thing has to go through another op at some time soon.
If she's inside, that would be the last thing on my mind (not that you asked ). I would make sure she's totally O.K. before making her go through a spay surgery.

I am so glad she's hungry! Feed me Mom!
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I'm happy to hear that Persil is doing well!

I'm glad you found someone you trust to watch over her,
Dushka and Ellie; I hope that she'll continue to improve so you can take your trip to visit your family.
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Jenny, I'm very sorry to hear the horrible ordeal you and Persil have gone thru in the past week but so glad to see she's doing much better now! Best wishes to sweet little Persil that she continues to improve.
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Oh, I'm so glad that Persil is doing better! I had to work late, rushed home & checked on this thread first! What a relief that your punkin is feeling better and better !

Enjoy your trip. Remember to update us as soon as you get back !

Travel safely!
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Originally Posted by MyRage
I fully understand your concerns. I love the fact that your baby is that important. I especially love that you feel so strongly for your girl. If only all humans that chose to have a nonhuman companion live with them, would be so aware and care as much.

I don't know how your family is, my family would understand if I canceled a trip because one of my girls were sick.

They are our children.
exactly! even my mother, an avowed non-cat person, told me that perhaps the reason i had some trouble sleeping wednesday night, (the night of the day i found out Mouse had passed on), that i was grieving. she understands that my furbabies are my babies, period. if Mouse hadn't been able to stay at the vet's, for whatever reason, i would've stayed home w/her. you do what you need to, but Persil seems to be getting better every day - & we're all praying for her to recover completely!
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Thanks - yes the family would understand, even if most of them do not feel quite the same I do about cats, and especially about my own furbabies. But it looks as if all will be well - Persil is sleeping. eating and using the box normally, and is playing a little more each day, though she still gets tired easily. My landlord has just been round, and he is very concerned that he does the right thing while I am away. He understands what he has to do, and he has the cat carrier and the vet's mobile if there are any problems. He has been very good in the past, looking after Dushka and Ellie, my only concern was if Persil had a problem. But I think she will be OK. Now I must pack!!
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Have a good trip, Jenny!
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Hi guys, I'm back and had a great weekend at home, including of course seeing Cinders, who was my cat but wh now lives with my Mum.

When I got back all three cats were thrilled to see me and all hate a huge meal then settled down on me for a cuddle. And then I noticed that the hole under Persil's front leg, wherre they inserted the drain tube, had become a huge wound, around an inch and a half across, and is draining yellow pus. I immediately phoned the surgeon and I will take her in at 8.30 in the morning. He thinks that since she is eating and behaving normally it can wait till then. I think she is in pain - I can tell from her eyes, but she is trying to play, only hissing when someone gets too rough. I hope with a stitch or two and some antibiotics she will be OK. It would be so awful for something to go really wrong now and I would never forgive myself for going away. I would not have seen it unless I had been looking and checking, and I guess my landlord did not do that and thought she was OK.
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Oh Persil...hoping this will be easy to fix, glad she's still eating and wanting to play.
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I'm sorry little Persil has this issue now--Pat's right though, it's a good sign she's still eating and playing. More vibes coming Persil's way...
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oh Jenny, I'm so glad things are better and still sending good vibes to Persil for this little hole that hopefully can be put together. She seems very strong and undoubtedly you have so much love for her and that's motivating her too!
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Oh Jenny, do you have any idea what this is doing to me? (As I'm sure it's doing to you) Dear little Persil - she's much too beautiful to have all this nasty stuff happening to her. My warmest wishes and love go out to you and her right now.
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Oh, Jenny! Poor little Persil (and you) have already been through so much! More prayers are on the way!
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Dear Jenny, prayers on the way for Persil and for you too, hugs.
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Thanks. I have tied a muslin bandage right round her to prevent her licking it. It looks awful, but I am sure it is basically a surface thing.
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Oh Jenny --

I'm sure they'll be able to fix that little hole up with some antibiotics and a good cleaning out.

But in the meantime I'm sending my prayers and some California Good Vibrations. I'll also be on pins and needles til I read your thread after the doctor visit.
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Still thinking of you and your sweet baby. I hope it can be fixed quickly and esily.
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Please let us know how she is after you get her to the vet. Thinking of you.....
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I am, without doubt, sending my love and hugs from this side of the globe...Persil, let's get you all better, and on the other side of this stuff!

Jenny, you too. You are such a great Mom to have noticed that and called immediately. Good work.

Many hugs and lots of board magic for the both of you...and I'll say a prayer, too. And let us know, all right?

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Poor Persil! She has such bad luck. The vet thinks she has an allergic reaction to the subcutaneous antibiotic, that has caused a nasty abscess at the site of injection. He does not want to clean it out or trim it as he does not think she should have any more anaesthetic yet. So he has put a compress on, of iodine and saline, and a tube bandage, and I will redress it every day. She also has an E collar to wear. So she is miserable and the others think she looks and smells strange so are sniffing her. Ellie pulled the dressing off in ten minutes, so I will have to isolate her when I am not there. The vet thinks it will take around 10 days to clear up.
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Oh, poor sweet little Persil.I know you must be so beautiful in your new E collar, please feel better soon, little girl! You're taking such wonderful care of her, Jenny!
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Awwwww poor Persil bless her! At least she has her medicines to make her better

Pleased you had a lovely time as well Jenny and that the kitts were thrilled to see you
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Oh no! Poor baby! I'm glad you're home to watch over her now. She will feel better soon because she's a fighter!
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Poor kitty has had it rough lately. I hope she doesn't keep getting hurt, sick or anything else anymore.
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