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Persil needs Board magic NOW

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My little Persil is now undergoing emergency surgery. I got her intoth e University Vet faculty today for Xray and they have discovered that she has a perforated diaphragm and her intestines are in her thorax. They asked me if she had been kicked and of course I said no. The vet there showed me the Xray and said he thought there was nothing they could do, and left me withher to say goodbye. Then when they were coming to take her a surgeon came inand said he would try to do something, as long as I understood that htere was less than 20% chance. I saod do anything they can. I will know at 5 PM this afternoon.

They more or less accused me of being a cat abuser - the last thing I need right now. I cannot think how htis could have hppened - she does not go out and as far as I know she has not even had a fall inside, apart from the silly things kittens do. But I first noticed the problem when I cam back from my weekend in France, when my housemate was in charge, so I will email her (she is still in Canada) to ask if anything happened. But I am sure she would have told me.

I can't think straight, but please turn all your prayers and good vibes in this direction right now - she needs you.
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Oh good grief Jenny!. It seems funny how you noticed it when you were came back though?!, but then i'm a suspicious person!.

I pray Persil comes through this
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Oh my, Jenny, I am praying for Persil right now and will continue to do so until you tell me she has completely recovered. Thank you so much for coming to tell us!
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i would be suspicious too!
if she had people at your house they could have abused your cats?
I hate to think of these bad things!!
persil you are so beautiful please make it!!!
*is sending you good vibes*
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praying for persil
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Poor Persil!! I'm sending good vibes!!
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I am praying for you and for sweet Persil's recovery. Please let us know how she is. Hugs
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O Jenny! You poor thing! I have been praying for little Persil and will continue. I don't know what else to say...I'm sitting at work with tears in my eyes. Please Lord, help this little cat be well. We love Persil so much. Please, please help her! AMEN.
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OMG Jenny!!!
I'm so sorry about Persil.. here's to him feeling better (and for the record I would wonder who your housemate had over while you were gone?) I hope the surgery goes well honey!
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Sending all the positive energy across the ocean to little Persil, you, and to guide the hands and minds of the surgeons...
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Lots of prayers for Persil, and hugs for you coming from here!
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Oh Jenny - I'm so sorry. Good that you got her to this place so that she at least has a chance. All my thoughts and good wishes are sent to Persil right now. Please get well Persil.
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Words fail me as I sit here with tears in my eyes and heart. This beautiful little kitten did not deserve this. Jenny, I'm praying for you and Persil and will be thinking of you all day. I was almost afraid to look at the board today for fear of seeing a thread like this about Persil. You and Persil have been on my mind the whole 4 days I've been away from the board.

My prayer is that God will help take care of Persil and allow her to get better.
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Tons of prayers and good vibes being sent to both Persil and her mommy! C'mon Persil! Stay strong!
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Sending prayers for Persil, and hugs to you, Jenny
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Lots of love on its way to you and Persil!
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Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry.....I will pray that all turnes out well for your little one.....have faith and remember, we're here......
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thank you whoever moved the thread - I just wanted to catch everyon'e attention.

Persil is not having her operation till tomorrow morning now. When I phoned I was told that they are looking at the xrays and monitoring her overnight before they operate. So I have another few agonising hours.

Meanwhile I cannot think what happened. The doctors and students at the faculty looked at me as if I were responsible, and I am. Not in the way they think, but I took her off the street, to what I thought was a place of safety, and I nominated people to look after her while I was away for a weekend. I am going to try to get to the bottom of this, but I am not sure I will be able to.

And I am not sure if my vet could have done better in examining her. The faculty doctor said at once that she had something wrong with her intestines, he thought maybe a blockage which was pressing on her lungs. It was no so far from the truth. My vet was not looking for that - he certainly would not have considered abuse as he knows me well. But all kinds of thoughts now go through my head.

The others know something is wrong - they have been so loving the last few days. Dushka is lying on my arm as I write, and Ellie has been extra generous with her licking and sucking, not that I mind it all right now. I am just thankful they are safe and healthy.

I have to phone at 11 Am tomorrow. I will post when I get home around 1.30. Menawhile thank you all for your love and good wishes. It is so horrible to lose a cat through illness, but at least you feel you could not have prevented it - this is so pointless, so preventable so..
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Oh no! Both you and Persil will be in my thoughts and prayers all day and night until you post with news.
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Oh Jenny as if your not going through enough you now have to wait until tomorrow!

I would certainly have a word with the person who was looking after Persil when you were away but tread carefully as to how you put the subject across.

Sending you hugs and headbutts from us.
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Jenny, I'll be sending good vibes to Persil, hoping that her operation tomorrow repairs her problem. Hugs to you too, this is so hard for you, you care so deeply for Persil - stay strong and let us know how Persil is as soon as you can.

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Jenny, surely you can't blame yourself for whatever it was that happened to Persil! Those that were watching her may or may not be responsible. It's been my experience that kittens are unsurpassed in their talent for putting their lives at risk at least several times per day. Of course I don't have all the information regarding her injuries, but perhaps it could have been the result of a fall, maybe she climbed too high & fell on something? Regardless, all that matters now is that sweet Persil comes home!

As for the people at the animal hospital giving you "looks"...
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Prayers and thoughts and vibes are flying over to You from me and the kid and half-kid .
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I will pray for your baby! Be strong!

Sanctie and Conner
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Jenny, you and Persil are definitely in my thoughts, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for her tomorrow. Good luck!
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You and Persil will be in my thoughts and prayers, I so hope to see a bit of better news from you about her soon.
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My thoughts are with you and Persil
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Jenny, I am praying for Persil and you!
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Jenny, is it possible he just had a genetic defect? That's just absurd that they think you would have abused him!

Anyway, I'm praying for Persil
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Saying another prayer for Persil's surgery.
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