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Meow-ma is proud of us!

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We are on a diet, and our meow-ma is so proud of us. We are being very good boys and are not meowing all the time or being mean to her. We are trying to play more. Our cat cousin Montana gave us some balls to play with. Mama got us some mice to play with, too. (furry ones)
We have pens to play with, and when mama left her jewelry box open by mistake, we played with some of her best blue topoz earrings. We chased and batted them all around!
We tousle and wrestle when it is time to sleep, but Mama just tells us what good boys we are and doesn't fuss and tell is to sleep.
(She just moves to another bed in the house, and we follow her when we are through playing.)

She says we are her angels!
Shenandoah and Humble Kitty
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Good kitties! Glad to hear you are loosing some of that weight and being more playful!
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You certainly must be proud, Bobbie, Shenandoah and Humble are doing so well!
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Sierra recommended some toys for Meow-ma to get for us, too. We like them.
Meow-ma says all of you are our cyber aunts and uncles and that we have a LOT of cousins here!
Happy New Year to all of you.
We love you purrfectly!
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My meowma got a big parcel yesterday!! yes a big big box!
it contained a new cat carrier, a thing for the fish tank and COLOURFUL FURRY NICES!!!
if course i ripped the bag up like a bad boy but she only gave me one of the mices as i have lost my other 6
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Hey fwan! We got some little balls to play with. We love those mice, too.
Meow-ma got a package of 12 at Wal-Mart!! Maybe your meow-ma can find some for you.
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