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Hi my name is Diana and i am new here

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hello to everyone, first all i want to thank everyone that has welcomed me to this site. My name is Diana i am 24 years old and have had cats in my home since i have a memory. at the moment there is only one cat in my home which belongs to my fatheri had a cat he was and all white americab short hair. unfortunatley he recently passed away he had been with me for 13 years. i had found him in a abandoned house he still didn't even open his eyes when i brought him home , i had to bottle feed him and i always took him were ever i went. imust admit i miss him alot but i think i am ready for a new cat in my life , i have decided to adopt another cat however i don't want him to be a kitten because the way i figure kittens always get adoped first and i don't only want to give my love to a cute littlte kitten but to a muture cat that may keep geting passed on by adopters because they prefer a kitten. anyways thanx agian for everything and if you have any advice on were or how to adopt a cat please let me know.
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Good for you! Your local shelter is most likely brimming over with homeless kitties. Perhaps you could find room for two?
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Hi Diana! I think it sounds like you have plenty of room in your heart for a new fur-kid. I volunteer @ the local animal shelter, and you're right - the kittens find homes quickly. The adult cats are more deeply affected by being in a shelter. It causes some of them to withdraw, meaning that people often pass them by, without taking the time to try and draw them out a bit. When my fur-kid, Miles, was @ the shelter, he had been through quite an ordeal prior. He stayed in the back of the cage, and didn't want to come was the only place he felt secure in that strange environment! However, in trying to work with him, to get him to relax, and interact a little more- I grew to love him, and adopted him! He became the most loving cat I have ever known. He is so sweet, talkative, and is now so relaxed, his body gets all loose when I hold him Sometimes I see 2 cats surrendered together, from the same home. The shelter tries to get them adopted together, though sometimes it doesn't work out that way. Perhaps, if you have room in heart & home for 2, you could help keep a kitty "family" together!
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Hi, welcome to TCS, Diana!So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Welcome to the site Diana! I agree with the others, a trip to your local shelter (either public or private) and you will probably find the kitty of your dreams.
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Hello there, and welcome to our little home on the 'net!
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Hi Diana and welcome to TCS!.

It's great that you're going to give an abandoned kitty a new home - it's wonderful of you to consider an older cat. I imagine your problem when you get to the shelter is that you won't want to leave any of them there! Good luck with your search.
Make sure you come back and tell us all about it - some pics of your new kitty would be lovely too.
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Welcome to TCS Diana I adopted my kitty Madam from my shelter. I decided on an older cat for the reasons you mentioned too and it has been soo rewarding
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Welcome and my wish for you is that you get the most wonderful, affectionate, loving kitty (kitties) ever!

It is so great that you are looking for an older cat(s) to adopt. Please let us know how you make out and enjoy this extraordinary website. You'll meet some amazing people here.
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Hi, Diana! You're going to be a GREAT cat mommy! Keep us posted on how your search for a new kitty-cat goes!
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Hi, Diana! Welcome!
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Hi, welcome to TCS! Sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty. Adopting a grown cat is a great idea - you are right, there are lots of grown cats in shelters who can't find homes, yet they'd make wonderful pets - I adopted my two youngest kitties, Phineas and Henry, when they were three years old and one year old, and they are just wonderful. Good luck, keep us updated, and enjoy the forums!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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bless you for wanting to adopt an older cat - your right, they so often get overlooked
I am sorry to hear that you recently lost your cat I can imagine how hard that would of been for you, I am sure you had an amazing bond since you bottle fed him from such an early age - maybe if you feel ready you could post a tribute to him in the Rainbow Bridge forum

Welcome again from me & my boys
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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Yes it does sound like a good idea, the next cat im getting wont be a total kitten but atleast under the age of one!

As someone suggested it does sound like you have a lovely home and try to take 2 in
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hello and welcome to TCS!
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