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Jacksonville a go-go!!!!!

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I'm on my way to the Toyota Gator Bowl with the West Virginia Marching Band!!!! The game with air on Jan 1, 2005 on NBC at 1230pm....
I'm excited but I have to leave my kitten, Limerick, with my parents for the week....

FYI..... Go see the Phantom of the Opera!!!!!! It is AWSOME!!!!
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OK! Far out! Have a great time and BTW, that's a very cool name for your kitten.
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Sounds like lots of fun! My daughter was in the halftime show last week with her marching band at the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando. (formerly Tangerine Bowl). They had a blast and it was a great show. We drove down to see their performance. Drove four and a half hours for a 5 minute performance, but wouldnt have missed it for the world.
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Have a great time!!!
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I can tell you Jacksonville is a great place, so great in fact that I have spent my entire life here I hope you have a great time
I guess a lot of people are going to be visiting now it's almost time for the Super Bowl, our city has been preparing for a long time for all this. I love football season
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Tanya! That's great ~~~ after you recover I'd like to hear all about it. The Seahawks just made the playoffs by an inch and 3 pts. We'll see how long the euphoria lasts up here! And I have heard that Jacksonville (is that the capital of Florida?) is a really nice place, too.
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Well our Jacksonville trip was great.... the game could of been better, but halftime went great!!!! I've never heard those songs so loud!!! It looks like we brought that florida weather with us!!!!! Yea!!!!
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I'm so glad you had such a gret time!
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