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Welcome home, MOM!

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After a week or so in Oregon (when I was literally 20 minutes away from Hissy, and still unable to find her the one time I could get the car away from my father...forgive me, please...I am sooooo sorry...), and after a rough flight home (I got a cold while up there), I am home.

Of course, it isn't quite the way I left it. My first sight of the house, Simon was in the front window. I could hear him hollering "MOM's home! MOM's home!!" to the other cats, and as I came through the back door, satchels in hand, I was ambushed. 22 lb Esse thumping my legs, Pie twirling 'round my legs, and Simon climbing up my legs. I ended up sitting down in the laundry room, and just letting them crawl all over me.

And then I saw the kitchen...cat treats all over, empty food dishes, sugar canister on the floor, a broken dish in the sink...this is NOT how I left it. Sighing, I went ahead and cleaned up. And then headed to the bathroom...where I discovered toilet paper all over the hallway and bath, as well as all my makeup and brushes scattered about. I went ahead and tidied up that mess, as well.

And so, like any other weary traveler, I laid down on my bed. Within an instant, I was being groomed, cuddled, chewed, and regarded. I soon fell asleep, circled by my kitty family; Pengy even came out and laid on the rocker. Purrs and rumbles of contentment could be heard. And I had warm fuzzy bodies whichever way I moved my hand. Heaven. I tell ya, simply heaven.

Simon hasn't left my side or my lap since I got home about 6 hours ago...the others have settled down a bit. But man, was it good or what to be loved by these guys, even if they tore the house apart while I was gone!

Hope your holidays were wonderful...

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What a homecoming! Sorry we missed each other but there will be a next time-
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What a lovely homecoming!! Isn't it nice to be loved by these critters.
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Your babies were so happy for their Mom to return home, Michele!
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Awwwww don't you just love it when they show they've missed you!
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thats so lovely.
i love it when my cat comes running upto me although i have been ot of the house for only 15 - 30 mns
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Aw, I'm glad they were happy to see you - esp. Pengy. Sorry the house needed some tidying up, I guess they didn't clean up after their crazy party...
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What a nice home-coming for you. Did Pengy seem happier than usual to see you? I'm waiting impatiently for the day she wants all your love.
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People haven't lived until they've experienced kitty love!
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Oh, Michele, that brings tears to my eyes. Your babies (including Pengy) love you SOOO much.

I second what Susie said: "People haven't lived until they've experienced kitty love!"
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It sounds as if they just started the "welcome home" party a bit early, and got carried away. That must have been a wonderful feeling, knowing you were missed so much.
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Aw that is so cute! You definitly got a welcome home!
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yes yes what a wonderful welcome home
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It really was. Nothing compares with coming home to a kitty family which missed you.

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