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Behaviour or something else?

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We have 3 wonderful cats. 2 boys and a girl. 2 are over a year old, the other is 6 months old. We've had our girl 9 months, our boys for 6 months. We just recently moved into a larger house, the cats seem fine with the move, they are eating , playing ( alot!) sleeping, all the normal stuff. But since we have been here 2 of our kitties have been pooping and peeing on things, this is not normal. We change their litter boxes regularly (2x a week), but we have also changed the litter they use. We're not sure why this is occuring. We've been asking around to see what could be the reason. One person said maybe stress from the move, but they seem to be alright, and to give them a little more love and affection, we are doing that as well. Someone else said maybe because we changed the litter, we are switching back to the old one. We're just not sure if this is behavioural or something else. Has anyone ever had this problem and if so what you've done to help?
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Those are both very big things. I would first switch the litter back to the brand they are used to. Then if after a few days it does not work, I would put them in just one room with thier litter box and try to re train them. If you want to switch litter, it is best to gradually add the new litter to the old. Change for most cats is a huge deal. They really like a routine and schedule, both of these things could have thrown them off.
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Hi Sandie, we let more than a few days pass using the suggestion that we switch back. It worked! We gradually changed it back, first we put just a little on top and kept putting more and more, till finally they just didn't do anything out of the box. We're still not sure if the move had anything to do with it, they seemed happier because this place is larger and they have more room to play here, so our best answer was the change in litter. That'll teach us to try a new one because of price, HA! Now they are happier all around and we not as worried with having them sleep with us at night.
Thanks again
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I am glad the box is now in use!! Cats can be very silly when it comes to changes. It probably would have happened had you switched to a more expensive brand too..LOL.
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