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URI's and NEUTERING--HELP!!(long post,,sorry)

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Hello all!!!! I have a couple dilemmas I would love some advice on!!

1) My kitty has been sneezing, wheezing, and has had a runny nose for the past couple of days so I did a little research and found that he more than likely has an upper respiratory infection which are very common and pretty harmless. He already has an appt with the vet in mid jan. I was windering if any one knew if there was anything I could do for him in the meantime or any otc meds for it???

2)NEUTERING??--Conner is about a yr. and a half now. When he was 4 mos I made his appt to get neutered, got all the way to the vet and turned back around and went right home(I know, Im a wimp!) But I couldnt do it. He wasnt spraying and there were no female kitties that he would have access to impregnate,so I thought.."Why fix what isnt broke?" He has been well behaved thus far until about 2 mos. ago.We had a friend stay with us and we also stored all of his belongings; including his mattresses that smelled like his cats and dogs. Then my little man all of a sudden started to spray (beginning with our friend's mattresses!!!) He got a couple of other places too. So I have just recently made his vet appt for jan. My fiancee doesnt believe I will go through with it and picks on me, but I have assured him that I have an iron will!(eek!) But since our friend has left my cat has stopped spraying! The appt is all made and my fiancee is beginning to actually believe that I have the guts to go through with it,,,,anndd ofCOURSE now I am really reconsidering it. I dont know what to do now! I am scared of him changing (personality-wise and physically) and I love my kitty just the way he is. I would love to hear from all of you pet parents who have experience in this field. I am all tied up in knots about this and dont know what to do,,HELP!!
Sanctie and Conner
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I'll move this to the Health & Nutrition forum.
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I recently did it with my baby Lily.
I hated it too!!
What I think worked for me, that may work for you....
ask the doctor for pain meds and instructions to take home!
I had some meds left from another cat being neutered and gave
Lily some of those because one evening I came home and found what
I perceived as her in pain.
You should never give another cat, one cats pain meds, but I checked
into what exactly the vet could give her and I am a pharmacy technician
so I knew what I was doing.
It is a pill called torbitrol or something similar. Ask your vet, and get something for when you pick your cat up after the surgery.
It will ease his pain and yours! (not literally yours!)
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I wouldn't wimp out this time. An intact male can be seriously injured if he were to get out accidentally. Male cats can become very aggressive if there is a female in heat nearby, even to the point of tearing out screens to get to the female. This will also lead to some fairly violent fighting and your cat could end up with quite a few abcesses. He will be calmer and better mannered after being neutered.
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You want to get him neutered before he develops the habit of spraying, too, since if he has developed the habit, neutering might not stop it. And you need to take him in now for the URI, since he can't be neutered until it is over and he may need antibiotics for it. Becky
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thanks for all the advice,, I guess I was just trying to find an out. Thank you Becky for the URI info. Can anyone tell me if fixing an adult animal will cause them to change?
He's not a bad mannered cat so I am not trying to "Mellow' him and I am scared that it will make him listless and lazy. Any personal experience on that level?
---Sanctie and Conner
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Hi Sanctie! I hope I can be of some help! I have 2 big, handsome male long-haired tuxedo cats, Dudley & Miles. They are both neutered, and I can say, that for my 2 anyway, they are not too mellow . They both enjoy running and playing in the house, "wrestling" etc.., but,they are, if anything, more loving toward me...truly big love bugs!!! I think, because the mating urge is gone, neutered males tend to concentrate their attention more on animal & human companions! You might also want to inquire as to whether your vet uses a laser technique for neuter/spay surgery. It is very minimally invasive & virtually bloodless. Of course, a neuter is much less invasive than a spay, but when my new furbie, Hazel, had her spay @ 14 wks by laser....she only had ONE stitch ! She was up and running the next morning as if nothing had happened. I know it's hard to be in the position of making decisions on behalf of another being, but you truly will have his best interests at heart
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ThankyouSo much JeDuMiHaMama,,
you have truly helped me out and made me feel a little better and I now know that going through with this is the best decision I can make for my baby. THANKYOU!!!!!
------Sanctie an Conner
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Get him nuetered!!! I know it's scary.... It took everything I had to leave my kitten at the clinic, but I did and Limerick is very happy.
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Thank you eburgess,,, and by the way,, Limerick is a lovely and quirky name for a kitten!!
---Sanctie and Conner
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I'm glad to hear you will be getting him neutered! The only reason to have an un-neutered male is if you are a registered breeder. Also, think of it from the cats' perspective: how would you feel if you were constantly horny but were never allowed to get laid?? Not too good, I bet.
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ha ha ha!!! That is a cute perspective!!! Thank you!!
---Sanctie and Conner
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