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oh no! Emergency Vet visit?

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Our long-hair kitty, Biscuit, was acting his normal silly self this morning, but after a quick trip to the store we found him motionless on our stairs. He has been very non-responsive all night and moved a couple times when we tried to find him a comfy spot. And about 15 minutes ago lost control over his bladder on a pillow. Something he's never done before!

He is only 4 years old. And unfortunatly 2 years ago (almost this same night) our vet thought he had a stroke. When we took him to the vet then he had brain swelling and was dehydrated. In that instance, he was only non-responsive and well... downright limp. He did recover fully from that little episode with some anti-inflammatory from the vet and some re=hydration.

Tonight though, we're not sure if this is a repeat from two years ago or if he has something else wrong. So far he doesn't seem to be dehydrated, but he's not moving much if at all. And me and the wife are just worried.

We'd like to avoid the 24-hour emergency vet $charges if we can (last time $500), but I don't want to doom one of my favorite boys. Advice?
Please help!
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Get him to a vet NOW! And good luck!
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I agree with Hissy. This cat is EXTREMELY sick if he is not moving. Please take him to a vet!!
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I hope you are on your way already. He needs to be seen now. Becky
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In case you need another opinion... I agree with everyone else. Please take your little guy to the visit. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Thanks all. We love our "kitty" very much and want to see him well... my husband is warming up the car. Have any of you seen this type of behavior (illness) in any of your cats? I'm hoping the vet will be able to give us some advice on how to treat him at home should this happen again. :-(
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Let us know what you find out. Good luck. Becky
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Please keep us updated on Biscuit. I'll be praying for him.
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Any news on Biscuit?
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Originally Posted by Sicycat
Any news on Biscuit?
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