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Anyone know of...

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someplace online where I can buy cheap (ie. $5 or less) ID tags for collars? They cost $9 at all of my local pet stores, which is a lot considering I need four, so I'd like to buy them online somewhere - however, the only places I've been able to find online that sell them cheap don't ship to Canada! Anyone know of anyplace? Thanks!

ETA: I just remembered that there are some guidelines about advertising (I recall a post about people not being allowed to show their artwork or something along those lines), so if this is not okay, I apologise, and of course please remove it.
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Love Your Pets has inexpensive tags. They are $3.50 for more than one (3.95 for just one) with $2.00 for shipping (total, not per tag). The tag isn't the strongest I've seen, but it's better than those vending machine ones.

Their address is www.loveyourpets.com.
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Thanks, guys! I thought the Love Your Pets ones were a great deal as well, but unfortunately they were one of the ones I was speaking off that doesn't ship to Canada. It was a great suggestion, though. I just ordered some tags from ebay, another great suggestion, thanks again!
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Hi, Can't think of a company, do you have friends or family in the us who could ship to you, just a thought
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