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Interviews tomorrow!

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Since I got my Pharmacy Tech Certification I applied at a few local places.

Well, I got a call last week for an interview at a locally owned neighborhood pharmacy for tuesday the 28th.
Then I got another call this morning for another interview at the hospital I was born at! tomorrow also.
I am so happy, I hope I get a job soon!!
With my daughter getting married in March I will need some extra funds.
It will be so nice to have a regular paycheck again too!!
I will update the post when I get home tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed for me please!!
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Eek good luck! Definitely will keep you and the interview in my mind! Let us know how it goes!
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Good luck, I'm sure one of them will work out for you.
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Good luck with the interviews
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PJ good luck to you!! If anything, isn't it snowing and quite the challenge to get around? And here you are job hunting in the snow the week between Christmas and New Years. Goodness gracious! If anything, maybe an employer will see your fortitude right off the bat and hire you instantly just based on moxie. I hope you get a LOT of offers!!!!!
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Keeping everything crossed for you!!
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Good luck Patty!
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good luck - knock em out!!!! K
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Ooh good luck. I'll be keeping everything crossed for you. Let us know how you get on
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Hope your interviews go well for you, Patty! I know you'll do great!
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Good luck!
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well, here's my update.
The interview at the hospital was great. It lasted 2 hours!
First I talked to the pharmacy director and the lead pharmacist and
they were really nice and we even cut up a little bit. Then they introduced
me to another tech who gave me the tour of the area. It is Nothing like a retail pharmacy that I have experience with. They provide extensive training and don't expect you to learn it overnight. It was really cool though. The area where they keep the chemo drugs is totally isolated behind a heavy door and you do not want to go in there unless absolutely necessary. Girls or guys in reproductive ages are not required to go in. Then there are the serious meds. They are kept under very strict conditions. There was just so
much to absorb! I hope, I hope I get this job!!! Also, it starts out at over $10. an hour and full benefits. This would be an awesome job!
The other interview at the local retail pharmacy wasn't as promising.
The guy didn't seem to even want to be interviewing anyone, but had to.
He said he had others to see and they may advertise again if they don't get anymore interested techs. Kinda made me feel like, What am I?? Why not me? But there is still a possibility and I am not sure I even want to work with him running the place. But if offered the job, I will not turn it down most likely. Just not holding my breath on that one.
So I am supposed to hear something by this time next week.
The waiting is going to kill me!! But oh well.
Keep those fingers and toes crossed!! all week
And hey....THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! It really means a lot to me!
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Way to go, Patty!Knew you'd do great!How will we ever wait until next week?!
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Patty that is the best!!!! And it sounds like you nailed the interview. I will keep my fingers crossed. If they have half a brain they'll hire you!
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you ! Good luck !!!!
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Heck a two hour interview sounds very promising and by the sounds of it, you gave it all and more. I feel something coming for you from this and sincerely hope I am right. It does sound as though that they wanted you to see everything and tell you it all. Just dont get over optimistic, easier said than than done but I feel some good things coming for you, as they have me recently and I gave my notice on xmas eve!!!! Keep us posted huh?
On his first coffee and not yet complus mentus
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Patty, I hope you get the job you you want! Good luck!
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Oh Patty - the hospital pharmacy job sounds great - I hope it all goes your way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - let us know as soon as you get some news.
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Go Patty! Best of luck!
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Patty! More good vibes on the way to you that you get the hospital job!!
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So glad to hear the interviews went well!!

That job at the hospital sounds so interesting, and it also sounds like they are very interested in having you there as well.

I suspense of hearing your news is killing me, so I can only imagine how you must feel!
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Sounds like the hospital pharmacy staff will need some home baked cookies as a thank you for the interview!! LOL Never hurts to be nice and say thank you!
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Originally Posted by DragonLady
Sounds like the hospital pharmacy staff will need some home baked cookies as a thank you for the interview!! LOL Never hurts to be nice and say thank you!
Not a bad idea, but read the new thread!!
I got it!!!!!!!!!! (the job at the hospital!)
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Woo hoo ! Congratulations (again!)

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