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I found something strange on my cat, PLEASE HELP!!

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Hi. My name's Jewel, and I've had cats since birth. But NEVER have I had this happen to me before, and quite frankly, I'm very confused.
In July of 2003 we welcomed a new kitten into our home with our 3 other cats. When he was 6 or 7 months old, I took him to my normal vet (who has treated all my cats and my dog and been nothing but wonderful for the past 16 years) and we had him neutered.
Well about 2 weeks ago, I was playing with Smokey and throwing a ball for him, and when he ran away from me with his tail up, I noticed something very strange...his testicles appeared to be back! I grabbed him for a closer look and even had my husband and other family members verify what I saw. I wasn't imagining this, indeed, what should NOT have been there under Smokey's tail was somehow back again.
So I thought to look up our records on him...I paid for the procedure and blood tests on my credit card, so I know I was charged for a castration...and I even called the vet's office and asked if they could please pull his records and tell me that date that he was neutered. (I didn't mention that I thought his testicles had grown back.)

OK, so what I want to know is, has this happened to anyone else, and what should I do about it? I'd hate to have to put Smokey throught that again, and I really can not afford to pay for it at this time since the holidays were just here and my daughter's birthday is in a month. I've looked on the internet for information regarding this subject but didn't really find anything. Is this normal, and can this happen? What should I do?

Please help, I'm so confused!!! Thanks!

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Hey Jewel, I just did a quick internet search about the subject as it seemed confusing to me too and I found a link that might be of assistance..

Under the castration paragraph it talks about cats and dogs, and how owners may believe their cats testicles have grown back...not sure if it will help, just thought I would pass it on regardless!

Good luck !
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I have heard that some vets place an implant to make the cat/dog appear to still have their goodies. Let the vet know, just in cast there is a tumor or a testicle was missed or has dropped out of hiding. There should be no charge is they missed an undecended testicle.

You never know!
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If you have looked before and not seen anything, and looked now and see something, it is very unlikely to be testicles. So, what could it be? Well, you may just never have looked before, and some cats have a little "residual" tissue there, no testicles, just well developed empty sacs. He could have developed hernias where a loop of bowel goes down into the inguinal canal, needs corrective surgery, not sure if this even happens in four footed creatures, but it sure happens in people. He could have enlarged, blocked anal glands, which are actually below the scrotum, again, needs a vet visit. If he is an indoor kitty and had testicles, you would have noticed very strong smelling, foul, urine and he would be spraying it everywhere. That would have taken the two of you back to the vet long ago. Probably it is just well developed empty scrotum. Let us know what you find out from the vet. Becky
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Well I took Smokey to the vet on Wednesday and found out that what I was seeing suddenly was a little bit of residual tissue that was left and had become swollen due to a mild bladder infection...which is also the reason he had started to spray a little. We're doing a round of antibiotics now, and Smokey is looking and feeling much better!!
Thanks for all your help. Boy do I feel silly!
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Just be happy it got you to take him in to be treated. Glad it turned out OK. Becky
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