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Kitty sneezing

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My cat Scotch has been sneezing for about 4-5 days now. I have looked at his eyes, and they don't seem to be runny, and his nose is moist and only a little warm. I don't want to overreact and rush him to the vet right away, since he has been acting normally otherwise. Any suggestions on how long I should wait, or anything I can do at home??
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first off, how old is your kitty... and how long have you had it??
if they are fairly new to your home then they may very well be allergic to something in your house...
even so, go easy on air fresheners and colognes for a while and see if that helps, even if they are not allergic, it can still irritate sinuses if they are getting a cold...
keeping them warm, making sure they drink lots of fluids, and eating, make sure they are doing both jobs in the litterbox regularly... if the eyes start getting runny and gunky you would want to take him in...or if he is getting lethargic....
also for the nose, you can buy 'Little Noses' saline solution from the store and spray it in their nose to help, i did that with my kitty when she had a URI and it helped a little.... make sure you get the one that is ONLY saline and doesnt have the medicines or anything additives in it... other than that and lots of love, i dont know of anything else you could do at home
good luck! i hope everything is okay... keep us posted on how he is doing!
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I have had Scotch for close to a year and a half. On Thursday of last week, he came in contact with a blanket that had dog hair on it, but has not been near it since. At first, I thought that was the cause, but since he is still sneezing pretty often I thought he might have a cold. Thank you for the advice mferr84. I will check PetSmart for the Little Noses spray.
**Scotch wants to look out the window now - leaving for "opening blinds" duty**
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My vet told me that you cannot detect a temperature by feeling a cats nose. I don't want to scare you, but I had a cockatiel once who started sneezing a lot. I saw no other symptoms. I should have taken him to the vet sooner. When I did they immediately put him on oxygen. He didn't make it. Please take your cat to the vet.
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Originally Posted by Noey 4
I will check PetSmart for the Little Noses spray.
Little Noses isnt sold at PetSmart.... it is sold at wal-mart... or any other grocery store(i think) it is for small children, but it is safe to put in kitties noses... just look in the aisle where all the cold medications are... it should be there, sorry for the misunderstanding(hope you havent already made the trip out to PetSmart)
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I talked to my vet today about the sneezing. Scotch just had his distemper vaccine about a week and a half ago, and she says it is fairly normal for them to get a little sneezing after, as long as there is not discolored mucas (which there is not). If he doesn't stop in a few days, or acts any differently, I will take him in. Thanks for all the advice - and if there is anymore, keep it coming!
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