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Conner's eyes

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Just had a question. My kitty Conner's eyes are a beautiful bright grey blue,
but you can rarely see them because his pupils are so dilated at almost all times. He reminds me of the little japanese animae cartoon cats,,hehe. He looks like his eyes are completely black. They never slit like normal cats eyes,, they are big and round. Is this unusual or does it pertain to his breed?
(by the way he is a siamese-persian mix -not a himmy though-)

Just curious, not a problem, its very cute and seems unique,, just wondering?

Sanctie (Conner's mommy)
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We noticed the eyes on my cat Midnight (now deceased) were always big and round too, even when she was looking out the window on a really bright day. A few months later, Midnight was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes and went totally blind as a result of this condition. This doesn't necessarily mean there is something seriously wrong with Conner's eyes too, but please take him to the vet and have his eyes looked at.
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Thank you so much Lorie,, I never considered that it may be something so serious. Conner has a vet visit in January and I will be sure to have his eyes checked,, Again thanks bunches and Snowball is absolutely beautiful!

Sanctie and Conner
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Oh no - I hope it isn't anything serious. Please let us know how the vet visit goes!
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Since this could be a health/vet issue, I'll move it to Health & Nutrition.
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