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HELP! Stray litter

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Hello everyone,

I'm writing because I just discovered that there's a stray litter of about 5 kittens, probably 4 weeks old, based around the dumpsters in my apartment complex. If it was one I wouldn't be too concerned, but this is more than I know what to do with!

I need to catch 5 stray babies, and the problem is, I'm leaving in TWO DAYS I'll be out of town for TEN days. If I can catch them, I can get them to the shelter, which unfortunately is NOT no-kill, but since they're so little and it's still the holiday season I hope they will be adopted. The problem is, I basically have a cardboard box, a towel, and a can of dog food to work with. I could try to make them chicken, even tho I'm a vegetarian. I don't think calling the humane society would be very effective since they're so tiny and they are so many of them...

Right now, I put some food out by the dumpster for them, and some near my back door because one of them was down there earlier, just screaming its little head off, but when I opened the door it ran away. I only realized how many there are when I went to see if the kitten had eaten the turkey i left out was being devoured by a horde! I also put out a little box with a hand towel in it so they can curl up and keep warma t the very least.

SO please please email me with any ideas! Unfortunately it's freezing cold and pitch dark out, but as soon as it gets light I'm going to go try again. I just don't know how to get five at once!

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You really do need a trap for them, and just putting the food into the trap should trap them quickly enough. The problem is with the kittens is if a few of them go into the trap that alerts the others to stay away. They do have kitten traps, but you would need five of them. You should call the local vets and ask if there is a crazy cat person they can hook you up with. All the vets in my area have my number, and i have traps so I go out and help people trap wild kitties- Otherwise, it is a matter of capturing them with towels and putting them into a carrier and getting them to a vet pronto-
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Lindsay...Best of luck...certainly try to find out if there is someone who can assist you and as Hissy stated..usually the vets know the individuals who are involved in helping strays and feral cats. Also..you may want to crosspost this on the Petfinder Message board since there are many cat lovers on those boards:


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Lindsay, thank you so much for trying to help these kitties - and with such terrible timing for you!

I know time is counting down, and I'm sorry I wasn't online yesterday. Apart from the great advice you've already gotten, I'd add just two things. Grab the yellow pages and call all the local area vets to find that crazy cat person. You may get lucky with your vet, but don't be shy about trying others. For about a year, just our vet would give us a buzz as we never went to or worked with any others. Several years into rescuing ferals, and just about all the vets in the county would call us to help if they received a call from someone like you.

The other thing you can do is to use this link - it's through Pets 911. Type in your zip code, and it'll come up with a list of organizations and shelters in your area. You can call them to find out if they've got someone who can help.


Thank you for trying to save these babies! ....and have a safe trip.

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