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Update on Missy

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Yesterday, Missy had a chest x-ray as a follow up to the chest tap they did a week ago. The fluid is back, and there may be even more than last week. How does this build up so fast? She had another tap, and they got some 75 mL out this time. Poor baby. The vet let me stay in the examining room when she did the procedure - I wanted to - I thought it might be a tiny bit easier for Missy if Mom was there talking to her. Well, this time the fluid looked more milky, more like chyle.

She's on Prednisolone, which has increased her appetite. She was 7 lbs, 14 oz last Wednesday and now is 8 lbs, 6 oz. So it's great that she's gaining weight. But I'm so afraid that she can't breathe well. She's supposed to be on this herb called Rutin, but I can't find any in my area that isn't also combined with other stuff like calcium or bioflavonoids (because it's a health-food store thing for people), so I ordered some over the internet, but it hasn't arrived yet. It's supposed to tighten up her capillaries and make the fluid stop leaking. It may or may not work, but it's certainly worth trying, and the vet said it wouldn't hurt her.

I was hoping so much that yesterday's chest x-ray would come back clear, because she was gaining weight and seemed to be acting a little more like her old self. But the fluid came back so fast. I talked with my vet, and if the rutin doesn't work, I'll have to make a decision at some point to let Missy go. I don't want to lose her - I've lost too much in my life lately, and I haven't had time to mourn one loss before I'm faced with the next. This is tearing me up inside.
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Missycat - you need to remember that you are doing ALL you can to help Missy and sometimes, these things are just out of our control. You love her deeply - that is evident. I will keep praying for you both.
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aaaaaawww Missycat

I am so sorry. How awful. I pray the Rutin works and I pray for you.
You ane Missy are in my heart.

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I am thinking about you and Missy. I hope that the rutin will help... Please be strong, show her your love...

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Thanks, everyone. I can't stand waiting for the mail so I went out and bought some Rutin from the health food store, even though it has calcium in it. I just want to get her started on it. And she's so good about taking pills, even if I do have to quarter these for her. She doesn't struggle, she doesn't fight, she doesn't hold them and spit them out. She forgives me pretty quickly if I give her a treat afterwards. She's such a sweet gentle puss.

Do you guys think that it's possible cats can feel our positive energy? I mean, I don't want to sound wacky, but do you think that being positive rather than crying around them may help them heal or to be strong? I wonder if anybody's ever done studies on this.
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I fully believe animals feel our energy. I REALLY believe that.

On the other hand, sometimes we, humans, need to cry. We can't help how we feel. It is hard. I sometimes cry with Danielle, because she does not understand that her meds are to help her, and she is afraid of hubby because of it. She is such a good cat, and she does not understand the "torture" sessions.

But, I do try not to give in in front of her. I am convinced mood does affect kitties.

But if you do cry, do not beat yourself up. We are human, and we have needs too. It is natural. Sometimes it just comes out, and we can't control it. But after a good cry, we feel better.

That is my humble opinion.
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