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Cat love?

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I've had 2 of my cats since they were 2 wks old.. their mom got bit by a snake and died.. I bottle fed them. They are very loving! Ones a boy and ones a girl. Whenever Pepper *the girl* is behind the window curtain or somewhere that Cheetoh *the boy* can't find her... Cheetoh will start meowing repeatedly.. this sad little meow and walking all over the house until he finds Pepper. Does anyone know why he does this or has anyone had the same experience? He seems so sad when he can't find his sissy.
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Both my cats do this if they can't find each other in the house! I think it's so sweet. Mine have been together for 4 years so they are very attached. When Simon had to go to the vet (he was very ill and there for a week) Max would stand by the door that we carried him out of and cry. It was so sad! I really do believe that kitties love each other and miss each other if they can't find one another.
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Oh, that is too sweet!

I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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my kitten does that when she can't find me or my boyfriend! then she expects lots of hugs and love for her trouble.
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I've never had a cat do that, but it is adorable.

I do have a situation with this new 3 yr. old persian I have had 3-4 weeks.
He walks around reowwing, not meow, reow.
He woke us up this morning coming into the bedroom doing it. I don't know what he wants! He does not miss his brother, they fight each other when they are close. Don't know what is behind it.
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Mabby does the same thing....except she squeeks and goes in the kitchen till either my BF John or Doofus go in to see her....shes a brat...but it is the cutest thing
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Pepper does that when she can't find her adopted baby, Scooter. He isn't exactly a baby any more, and he hides from her sometimes. He usually comes out when she cries too loud. She acts like he has been gone for days, and fusses over him.
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Ellie and Persil meow to find each other and give little squeals of joy when they succeed, then do frantic grooming. They play a game of hiding from each other behind some long curtains and then leaping out and hugging and licking. Ellie has been meowing all round the house since Persil has been in the hospital. I am sure that when she comes home (for which I am profoundly grateful) I will have the greatest difficulty keeping Ellie from bothering her and scratching at the door of the room I have decided I will keep her in for convalescence.
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Our cats don't give two hoots for each other on an ordinary day-to-day basis. But Tippy meows pitifully until she finds us and Felicity, who is less dependent, will see us and her tail goes up in the air and she gives a little "chirrup" when she sees us. But if one of the cats is under the weather for some reason or has hurt themselves, the other sticks around and looks at us as if to say "what's up with ..... ?" They also stop beating each other around the head until the other one feels better!
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