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CRF and Procrit

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Has anyone here who has a cat with CRF used Procrit? (It's used to treat anemia.) How long did you have to use it? Did you decrease the dosage over time?

We seem to be having good results with our cat who we started on 25 cc's of Procrit about a week ago. We go for blood tests today, but I can tell from the way he's acting that it's having an effect. His numbers are really high for the CRF and his red blood cell count was at 17 before we started. Since he has probably had a lot of kidney damage from the disease, I just wonder if he will have to be on the Procrit for the rest of his life.
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We've not yet had to start Patrick on this, as he's been holding at a crit of 22 (but this sudden drop is from the high 30's, so I am afraid it may eventually be necessary). Here is one of the best resources I know re crf kitties and anemia, and if you scroll down the page, a lengthy discussion on treating with drugs such as procrit.

felinecrf.org Even though it's a UK site, this gal is on my crf support list and the site is applicable and vastly helpful no matter what country one lives in.
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