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Work Issues....

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Hey, I need some advice that is related to my job.

I work for a news station, my 3rd job so I'm no expert, but I know what I'm doing. It can be an easy job... and it can be difficult when there's breaking news. Right now the difficult part is due to my co-workers.

I deal with 2 people that, quite frankly, are immature and irresponsible. Remarkable, considering that they are definitely quite older than me, and have been at this station for years, compared to my 7 months. The guy in the evening gets away with everything... for example today he said he would be late, then he decided he was going to take the day off... leaving me to work 12 hours instead of 8. He regularly gets to work late, even though I'm always on time. No one really cares.

I have multiple bosses in my job and the ones I see all the time, the lower ones, know about this. I don't think they do anything. I've been thinking about talking to my direct boss, the one that hired me... but would it do anything?

That being said... I'm hoping to get out of this field and become a teacher. If I get into the program, by August I could be turning in my 2 weeks notice. Is it worth saying anything or do I suck it up for the next 8 months?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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I'm not sure what I would do
What kind of person is your direct boss? I think that if he/she seems like the type that would listen to you and help you out, then talk to them, if not I really don't know.
Hope you get into the teaching program! And that you can find a way to work this out!
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I think my direct boss WOULD listen to me... however, whether he would do anything about it, or just make a mental note that I'm a complainer is up in the air, I have no idea!

I really hope I get into the teaching program too... I'm still waiting for my test results... and then I have to wait and see if I get in! EEEK!!
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I would start a journal, noting the date and time of his behaviour. (The guy in the evening gets away with everything... for example today he said he would be late, then he decided he was going to take the day off... leaving me to work 12 hours instead of 8. He regularly gets to work late, even though I'm always on time.)

December 27, 2004-- X first calls in late then calls in for the day. I have to work 12 hours instead of 8 because of this. I feel frustrated and angry.

December 28, 2004--X clocks in at 9:20 AM.

It might make you feel empowered to get it down in writing. Then, when your teaching comes through, you can decide what to do with your complaint log. I'd also note any positives that he does. That's only fair.

Hand the list to your main boss when you quit. As you said, 'No one really cares.' If they don't care, don't make waves until you leave. Eight months seems like a long time, but it will go by quickly.

If you do hand the list over (keep a copy), the main boss can then decide what to do about the employee. He may do nothing. He may do something. Either way, you've did all you can do.

That's what I would do.
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I would like our male site members to turn away now.......

It has been my experience in over 25 years in the working world. Men are not as good at multi-tasking at women and the second thing that I have learned is that they will avoid conflict at all cost.

Do you have any women supervisors you could talk to? If your employment there is only meant to be temporary, I might try my best to shrug it off and keep remembering you are shooting towards some career that you really want!
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I have a similar problem where I work -- a Vet. Hospital. This girl named Jess had started working there in February as part of the work program at her high school. She is constantly late or calls out, cannot do her job properly and is lazy. She is not allowed to work with the animals or help in surgery, run tests, etc. When the work program was over, my boss was on speaker phone with her teacher and she was in her teacher's office. He said basically that she was tardy all the time and wasn't performing well enough and that they would have to let her go. She started sobbing and feeling guilty, he said she could stay.
I started there full time in October with no experience. I am allowed to work in the rooms with the doctors, I assist in surgery and can perform most of the lab tests. I can also work in reception, if needed, while she will not even answer the phone.
No one there likes her. Even the owner says she wishes my boss would fire her. I don't think it's fair that she gets paid while watching others work and suffers no consequences from being late, calling out or just not working. It sets a bad example to the other employees.
So, I can sympathize!!!!!

I think I will start keeping track of all that she does (or doesn't do! ). Perhaps that will be a wake up call to my boss to get rid of her. I think you should do the same.
Hope you can survive the next few months and good luck getting into the teaching program. You certainly deserve a job where you will be appreciated for all the hard work you do!
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You could always try talking to the direct boss who hired you, like you mentioned. I dont think it can hurt? Atleast you have bosses you can talk to at work. My direct manager is a complete witch when it comes to something like that. I had an issue a few weeks ago, and all I got was "your quadrant complains too much .. you need to work it out amongst yourselves" Well, sorry, I wasnt complaing, I was simply stating the truth. And, another thing is the issue that I had, wasnt part of my job description.. and that was to tell someone why they do or dont do their job. Oh, and then this past week, she pretty much threatened ALL of us with our jobs .. Cute, huh!

Good luck
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I'm afraid there aren't any female bosses where I work... for that matter, there are very few female employees. News is still a male driven business, with all the testosterane that a male workplace has.

I do think perhaps biting my tongue and making notes of what he's up to would be a good idea - I had thought of, when I finally quit, saying "I loved this job, thanks for the opportunity - this is one of the reasons I'm leaving." Because, quite frankly, this employee is the reason why the guy who had my job last left, and the one before him, etc.

That being said... I got my exam results back and they were excellent, I'm that much closer to hopefully being accepted into the program. That'll help me bite my tongue for a bit longer, at least til I get accepted (*knocks on wood*).

And Tigger... that sounds harsh! I'd be so frustrated if they thought I was complaining when I really wasn't, not to mention having my job threatened. Good luck!
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well i cant realy say as i havent been in the work force for long.. But taking down notes would be my idea too.
I bit my toungue too much whe i worked in the restaurant. my bf says i have too much respect for people and that i should lower it.
I am yet to tell that boss that he is a asssssss**** but i cant bring my self to it. butt if you are becomng a teacher
wil you be my teacher too?
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Do it! Talk to the head boss!
This is not fair to you.
I have taught elementary school for 23 years, and it is hard work but so rewarding.
I do not know you well, but I have the idea that you would be an awesome teacher! GO FOR IT! Good luck, and PM me if you need any help. Bobbie
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Okay guys... after talking to my father last night I decided to talk to my boss today. My dad made a good point - soon (hopefully) I'll be taking classes and I won't be able to cover for my co-worker whenever he feels the need to take the day off.

So I went in and talked to my boss, who is, as always swamped. As soon as I opened my mouth, the tears came. I hate being one of those people who can't talk about something emotional without *becoming* emotional. Especially because, as he pointed out, this isn't an emotional subject - just to me I guess it is.

Anyway, he had no idea that my co-worker decided to take the day off, especially after he said he'd come in, and then take a half-day, etc. However, I do not know how productive the meeting was. He said that this co-worker has proven himself repeatedly, has taken on multiple tasks, stayed late, worked excessively, etc so that occasionally my boss cuts him some slack, like he said he would me if I needed it.

That being said, he also said he would talk to my co-worker, because there are 2 sides to every story.

Am I happy I talked to him? I'm undecided... I do think he needed to know that my co-worker took the day off, likewise it seems as though he'll be helpful if/when I go back to school by making sure my co-worker doesn't slack off.

However, he gave me this huge lecture, it felt like, about how wonderful a worker this guy is when recently he hasn't done anything exceptional, in my eyes...

Any thoughts? Right now I'm trying to focus on thinking happy thoughts so that tears don't come to my eyes again since I'm still at work.
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