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Could be ringworm..

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Hello there,

I am SO worried I think my 1 year old cat Taby may have ringworm. I didn't even know what it was, but I've been doing a bit of research and I think that's what he may have. I noticed a little bald spot on his head and then remembered that he has been scratching his head/neck area more than usual.

Called the vet who is on holidays till the 3rd, but he gave me a prescription. Soemthing he has to drink (or maybe it's a tablet) once a day and some cream to put on it twice a day. I'm assuming I've to do it for the whole 7 days till New Year's...

But I've been looking up info and I'm worried that it's ringworm. Do I really have to clean everything frantically? It even said to burn collars and things that may have been exposed Oh is medication incredibly expensive? Ugh, I hope we can get rid of it ok.

He's indoors/outdoors and whatever it is he probly got it from a stray cat he plays with. That cat looks healthy and ok, he's chubby, I think some neighbours feed him, but he is a stray afterall.

Should I be freaking out? 'cause I am
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I've never had to deal with ringworm in my cats, so I can't help you with this..but I can tell you that ringworm is just as often in the dirt than on the other cat. Especially if you don't see anything on the other cat.

Bumping up!
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One of my cats had ringworm several years ago as a kitten when we first got her. We gave her meds a couple times a day and it went away. I ended up getting it on my thigh, I guess from handling her. (I went to the vet to find out if that was what I had.) I used a cream for athlete's foot to get rid of mine. I guess it's a simillar type of thing.

Sounds awful, but it eventually went away. None of the other cats got it and my husband didn't get it from me.
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That's very good to hear. I'm a bit of a clean freak, plus I'm not used to having pets so I freak out easily when things like this happen I'll buy the meds tomorrow.

Also VERY good to hear that it might not be the other kitty. It is so cute to see them playing about, they're like the bestest friends hehe.

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I work with a cat rescue group and i see ringworm all the time (I even have a good digital pic of what it looks like in humans if anyone is interested) and I have even contracted it twice and my feeling is that its no big deal unless there are young kids or immuno-compromised people (people with HIV, Chemo Therapy etc) in your home.

You can use anti-fungal cream from your local drug store on the ringworm twice a day. Hair regrowth should start in a couple of weeks or so (hopefully). It's mildly contagious to humans (meaning you may not catch it at all, or you may get one or more welts, or you may get a lot of welts) but it isn't danger ous to you or the cat (although some feline ringworm treatments are potentially toxic).

Yes its hardy in the environment.
No you don't have to burn your clothes.
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Thanks for the help! I've kept on cuddling my kitty, I can't help it! I'll apply those meds religiously though.
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