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Quick Post... Christmas Cat...

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Merry Christmas all... I know I am a bit late. My computer is royally screwed, so I stole some time on another. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and tell you I hope to be back soon. I'm suffering withdrawel.

Also... I brought home cat number 3 on Christmas Eve Day. That morning, I was visiting my aunt and this little kitten was outside her sliding glass door. He looked not so good, so I packaged him up and brought him home. He has a vet appointment here in an hour. Anyway. I got him home, bathed him and looked him over. He is very scrawney and it looks like he was tossed from a moving vehicle. Those marks are healing well so I would say that was about a week to two weeks ago. He also appears to have been in a nasty fight with another animal just recently. He has large scratches and lots of fur missing on his limbs and such. However, he is absolutely the sweetest and most affectionate cat ever. Very adorable. Short hair, white with brown and tabby striped spots on him. Green eyes. Very cute. Poor baby, I don't know how anyone could abandon him. He looks to be about 4 months old. We are currently calling him Pedro, in keeping with the baseball theme. However, I was hoping you guys could help me out with a new name, I want something to reflect him being found on Christmas Eve. Rob laughs, but I think it must have meant to be, and he is a miracle kitty. I find it significant that it was Christmas Eve that he found a home and someone to care for him. So, I want a name to reflect that. If it had been a girl I thought of Hope or Faith, but since hes a boy, I can't think of any names.

Thanks guys! Hope to see you soon!
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What a cool story, and good for you for giving the little tyke a home. As far as names go, Twink, or Twinkle for the Christmas star? Noel pronounced the masculine way? I need to think about it more...
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Hi Amber! Been wondering how you've been since we haven't seen you much!
What a wonderful thing to do to take this neglected baby in and give it a loving home. People that abandon their pets DRIVE ME NUTS! I'd like to throw THEM from a moving car!

Please let us know when you can about what the vet says on this little sweetheart, and when you can, we'd love to see pics!

As for a name......hummmm, I like Twinkle. When I was a kid, my girlfriend Lorraine got a kitten on Christmas eve, and her mother called him Joseph, and then Joey for short.
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Hope he checks out to be okay-
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I have noticed your absence... Congratulations on the new kitty. Names off the top of my head:
Jesus (pronounced with a Spanish accent in lieu of the baseball traditon. )

Nicholas, Nick, St. San, Rudy, Comet, Blitzen, Donner (and the other names...)

WiseCat (wisemen), Gold, or Frankincense. (Franken for short )

Merry, Noel, Frosty, Jingle, or Star.

Good luck!
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I think Joey is cute. Noel. Miracle. Gabriel (like the angel who appeared to Mary)
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Wow those are great names... I like Gabriel, Nicholas, Nicky... sorry I'm not in a creative mindset today!

That's great that you're taking the little guy in and I hope the vet visit went well! Let us know what his name is!
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What a lucky kitten to stumble across your way Keep us updated on how the vet visit went. As for names: Chris or Kringle, if he's really tiny Elf
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Glad to hear from you, Amber!Congratulations on your new addition to your family!what a sweet boy, how dare anyone ever attempt to harm him.Star and Gabriel were the first to come to mind for your little boy's name. Please do let us know how his Vet appt goes.
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Aww I'm so glad you took the poor baby in! Bless you!
I like Joseph, Joey for short too!
And Elf!
Let us know when you can how the vet trip went!
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Oh yes - Chris is a great name!

I do like all of the suggestions. I agree - you were meant to find kitty. I hope everything is good with him.
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Hi,, I am a newbie and was browsing threads,,,, congrats on your new addition. I think that twinkle, jingle, and noel are really catchy and fitting. Good luck at the vet and with getting said kitty situated comfortably in your home and family!!
-------Sanctie(mommy of Conner)
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His vet check went well, other than major infections in his ears, for which we got ear drops. He is otherwise healthy, and is scheduled for a neutering in two weeks. Poor boy. The really shocking thing was, they told us he is at least a year to a year and a half old. He's only maybe 4.5 lbs and soooo tiny. He's smaller than Jeter! Apparently, we are going to have a small kitty, who next to Grissom, looks absolutely ridiculous!
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