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Lazy cat - advice

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The last couple of months - Thomas has become a lazy slob and just sleeps all day, rarely comes off the radiator but comes alive at night to the extent that our bedroom has become a midnight playroom. Around midnight - he goes nuts... fun to watch, bad to feel as he is a little devil - he sneaks his nose up under the duvet and then when you move, hes like a little terrorist, jumps in - strike me with claws in legs, dart out. Quick, silent and deadly. It dont half wake you believe me.
Should I start puttimg him out against his will during the day to ensure he sleeps at night?
having suffered another night with Thomas - the terrorist cat
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Cats are nocturnal animals Kev. This is typical cat behavior and something your cat can't just stop just because you want him to.

Play with him interactively throughout the day, make him climb something to get to his food, engage his prey drive and after your play follow it up with a tasty treat for him. If all else fails put him out of your bedroom at night, but don't put him outside unless he is used to being out there and wants out.
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