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My Poor Baby!

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I'm at my parents' place in Edmonton for the holidays, so I have a catsitter going once a day to take care of the kitties - well, I just got a call from the catsitter, and poor Phineas got stuck behind the fridge! He's very shy around strangers, and gets scared and hides... we guess he must have tried to hide behind the fridge, and because he's quite large, gotten wedged in back there! When the catsitter came in today, she couldn't find him anywhere (which is odd because my place is quite small and there aren't many places he can go), and finally found him stuck back there! I am so, so upset - my poor baby could have been stuck behind that fridge for an entire day! The catsitter says that he is fine now that she has gotten him out, and she has left the fridge pulled out so that he can't do this again, but I just feel so terrible - I was already missing the kitties like crazy, and now I just feel like I'm horrible for leaving them. Sorry, I guess this was more of a vent than anything, I'm so upset.
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Aw, poor little guy! At least your catsitter noticed his absence and looked for him instead of just assuming that he was hiding!
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Kylie, I know how you feel. So glad she found him and that he is ok. Try to enjoy your time. Your babies will be ok now.......you'll see.
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Aw, poor little guy. It's okay, he's fine - I had to leave my kitten alone for a day while I went out of town for the holidays - at least you have a sitter looking in on him and taking care of him.
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Thanks, guys. I talked to the catsitter again, and Phinny is still okay, so I feel a bit better now.
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At least you know he's feeling better now and also that you have a catsitter you can rely on. Enjoy the rest of your break.
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Awwww i would have flapped as well The good thing is the pet sitter told you and now Phinny is ok
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Oh, Juniper! ***hugs***
I'm sure you were more upset than the kitty was. It's a blessing that the catsitter went and got it all straight.
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